So if you're having success and that is content and happy, congratulations, you have created yourself. And if you do not succeed (in his mind) and want to change things – then you must change! Be more aware? change their perceptions and be the cause of your reality! You choose your reality. So now you understand cause and effect and how we are really in the cause of everything that happens in our lives. (As opposed to SLAC). Let's take one last step? This is not only relevant to what file and how we perceive things, is also linked to the actions we carry out and the results you get! Who of you before this event, which believe in Karma? or have heard the statement that "everything happens for a reason!" What is this case? In the same philosophy here: for every cause in which they began – other people are going to react or create an effect! This philosophy has been around forever? their share of the universal law! Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! What Goes Around Comes Around. What you put out is what's behind them. These are quotes about the law of accumulation? Once you decide to become a cause of everything in your life? have to be careful what you put out there! Again, that's why this is a step in your personal transformation! If you stop to consider all your actions and wonder what might the effect of that action? then you should live a long prosperous life! If you put your actions with integrity, honesty, good heart, and if you are responsible, disciplined and focused, if you are committed, persistent and consistent? then all these causes that generate the desired effect! However, the reverse is often true.