Intelligent weaves or systems of " semantic enrichment of realidad" , like glasses in which something will be able to be seen as well as a navigator to arrive at a destiny or which they will offer the commentaries of the contacts of Facebook on a restaurant, they are some of the applications whose development could give to impulse the proliferation of the optical fiber. " Everything this is going to change to the life rpidamente&quot very to us; , east expert augurs exceeds what already he knows himself like " Internet of cosas" , a connection to the network of the daily objects that will take control more habitual of the arrival of the numeration protocol of the network IPv6. Indeed the ISOC is one of the organizations who are dealing with which the transition to the new numeration passes without incidents, a work that they undertook seven years ago and that according to Ve " every time it is made more difficult because it is like trying in the heat of to change to a motor to an airplane vuelo". Nevertheless, with the awarding of the last lots of numbers of the IPv4, " some suppliers of Internet will have to adopt drastic and fast changes, but the end users will not notice difference alguna". These changes forwards suppose a new step in the recent history of Internet, that Ve is trying to compile through project, who is who of the network that will include interviews with the people who made the beginning possible of the network. " We are before a unique opportunity, we can for the first time write history when their protagonists still are vivos" , Ve comments that will order the testimonies that are obtaining with a criterion " strictly cronolgico" , a persistence for which already has more than 40 volunteers worldwide " so that by once, history manera&quot does not write the winners to his;. Igor kononenko is often quoted as being for or against this. Source of the news: Spain has been 15 years of delay in the optical fiber implantation, according to an expert