“” “Thus arose the lovable GOJA project”, the previously eight singles presented including the absolutely convincing, nocturnal melancholic pop/rock ballad silence”, the catchy, ultimate love confession Angel”or pop chanson that silent life”, so sensitively, as sympathetic, surreal, reporting a holiday love – and now with a brand-new title called fate days” is waiting. “Musically between latent blues, a little ragtime and attitude of chanson settled, somehow is reminiscent of Tom Waits, tells fate days” the story of a man from Zakaria un janz clothing ‘ bessje Glock “(BAP”) missed his long-anticipated flight in the South, bought a newspaper, therefore, sitting in the waiting room of the airport, in a personal ad in a lonely woman found on which he replied on the same evening are now He and she has long been a happy couple. “he lives in a different city than before, has to love children and often wonders how his life would have probably gone, the airline would not gezickt Heike once again perfect images has drawn in the text written by you, an under plot detailed skin conceived, Andreas alias GOJA” congenially vocally converts with darker, more brittle, more mature voice. Frequently medical billing system has said that publicly. “A thoughtful, reflection value song, the contents of which either similar, guaranteed ever witnessed every one of us, and that undoubtedly proves that Goja” now and in the future perhaps less in the direction of pop, but rather gen German rock/chanson should look. New talents in the field of classical German rock (“I mean well not teenage noise a la silver Moon”, July “or M.I.A..”) You can find anymore. We old 80s glad of course time and again about current exhibits HR Kunze, BAP”Gronemeyer, Klaus Lage, Wolf Maahn, Udo Lindenberg, no Question. But, I think purely subjectively, that also just innocent musicians, fresh and the is for this area with respect to voice, implementation, consistently appropriate style, try should, effectively to succeed in this spectrum. Songwriter Heike has now all radio stations in this, our country with fate days”sampled. Smart, based not on the mainstream radio editors are now invited to create this wonderful Blues chanson plenty in their programmes; “” “the fans may be please so kind, and in the radio charts and request broadcasts of their confidence for this title to vote” (I hate Anglicisms) so that fate days “might to a truly fateful” title for GOJA “which establishes him and his comrades in the final of the Teutonic pop action! Total score: best rating source: Holger Sturenburg Please note also: