Without saying is that any particular Twitter user can follow our tweets, in which we provide wealth of information of interest in real time. So we did during the crisis of the volcanic ash, the strike by Madrid Metro, huge concert Rock in Rio or the celebration of the sanfermines. Not just for fun we have created the pepecar.com in Youtube Channel, PepecarTv, a space in which enjoy the best videos related to the company, such as the different television spots that were created by Kit Kat on the occasion of a promotion together with pepecar.com, Pepephone or Pepetravel, one of whom, played by a heavy, was one of the most viewed videos from Youtube in Spain and precisely in this blog wanted to do an interview to Iago, the kid who starred in it and also we did that at articulo.org reference. Of course this channel serves in addition to pepecar.com as audiovisual archive, and in those first television spots that were given to know they can find our services for car hire at very competitive prices, always with this youth, close and self-assured aesthetic that embodies the values of Pepe. As a curiosity, in PepecarTv we have marked as a favorite video of a parody that made us in the program that presents Pablo Motos, El Hormiguero, in which advertised an offer pepetanque. If all this does not seem sufficient, we encourage you to leave us your suggestions. Do you want Pepe to record a demo in duo with heavy and hang it on Myspace? Perhaps want a Flickr account where Pepe appears each week at one point of the planet, like the garden of the Amelie film enanino? Well, maybe your ideas are much better. While that propose you think of something, we invite you to follow us on our various channels and to participate with us.Recalls that in the web 2.0 scene the protagonist, thou so why not start by knowing the Pepecar on Facebook page? Original author and source of the article..