Month: November 2016

Max Planck Evolutionary Anthropology

At one time or another, almost all dog owners have discussed with their partners due to their bad behavior. The discussions about which is or is not appropriate dog education are very common within a couple, and over time these differences are taking their toll on the relationship. The question is: how can couples clarify their different views and philosophies as to? The answer is education. With a little education the owners can learn exactly how to build better relationships not only with his dog, but with your partner. Take, for example, a situation that any couple has ever experienced: Maria and Jose Luis leave your dog home alone for half an hour while they shop. When they return they find that their dog has bitten one of the cushions of the sofa again, and immediately Jose Luis grabs the dog's collar, comes close to the pad and hit him firmly in the rear. Mary considers the reaction of Jose Luis completely unfair, since he thinks that dog does not remember what he has done, and this is where the discussion begins. Education The disagreement between them could have been avoided with a little education.

In this case, the first thing to establish is if the dog has remembered what he did or not. A study in 2004 by the Max Planck Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzigin (Germany), indicates that dogs have a better memory than previously thought. "As far as understanding is concerned, we see a high level of intelligence and a great memory. Read more here: Gregg Engles. It's all very surprising, "the words of the researcher Julia Fischer. The researchers found a border collie named Rico can understand 200 words and learned new as fast as children do. Rico knew the names of dozens of toys and could find its owner who asked, was able to go into a room and seven out of 10 times, bring back the right toy, not yet having seen it before. Rico seemed to understand that, as he knew the rest of the names of toys, the new had to be the one with whose name was unfamiliar. "Apparently he was able to connect the new word with an unknown object by discarding learning, either because they already knew the names of the objects that were familiar, or because none of these were new," the researchers said in an article U.S.

Journal of Science. A month later, Rico was remembering the names of three out of six new toys, even without having seen them since their first test. Scientists say that the pace of learning was equivalent to a child of three years. In short, the dog of Mary and Joseph Luis understood perfectly what he had done when he bit his pillow, as had happened on previous occasions, despite knowing it was against the rules of the house. Even still right, when the dog think that he remembered the incident, Jose Luis response was inadequate. Not choose the best way to correct the dog, as he thought Mary. The dog should have been scolded by his destructive behavior, but not by shouting or anger. If Mary and Joseph Louis had been able to find a qualified trainer to help train your dog, could have avoided the discussion and many more like this. Having a calculated and well-defined response to similar problems can eliminate countless disagreements couples.

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Learn To Apply Makeup Las Cejas

Eyebrows are the frame of the gaze, can make our eye bigger, smaller, more fallen or even more raised, because they are so important when it comes to make-up? Today we will dedicate to learn step by step to take advantage of your important eyebrows to the makeup eyebrow is to apply little product so that the result is natural, always in the same direction of the hair growth, make-up as if it were a hair more than you’re makeup. If you put too much product or using a very dark color on the color of your eyebrows, you endureceras look, that is why I recommend using very little at the beginning and go up the tone. Even so, if you’ve put much product, the best way to reduce it is with a cotton swab, gently rub on the eyebrow and so blur easily. To apply makeup eyebrows, you can cover small bald you may have or lighter hair, can also intensify the eyebrow curve or lengthen it, the eyebrow is the framework of the gaze, why is important to makeup when you go to make a full makeup. See MAS – be pretty self, it is essential to adhere to the three stages of the daily skin care routine: cleaning, toning and moistening with products suited to your type of many women just makeup always equal, losing interest in makeup because they don’t know how to change makeup.But before you start with this skin. Now yes, ready for makeup!.

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Mysterious creatures ammonites left their mark in virtually every corner of our vast planet. Today scientists around the world are finding more and more remains of these most ammonites, some of them are in the form of fragments, but if With luck, as well survivors beautiful ammonite shells. As a result, today, ammonites are known to us – like the ancient cephalopods, extinct many centuries ago. Geologists, historians and artists, these days can only fantasy on the theme of what is the true story of origin and extinction of these creatures. Evidence of mass deaths of giant ammonites stretched today, a few miles for a small town Kremmling the Colorado Rockies.

Plot Kremmling attracted the attention of scientists and has been known for many years, although only a few of the fossils have been collected for scientific research. In 1998, in August, one artist Ray Troll, and a team of volunteers from the University of Colorado joined the expedition. Of the goal was to recover ammonite fossils for research and demonstration at the Denver Museum of Natural History. Using specialized metal rakes, the team examined the soil mound, until then, until he heard the characteristic sound of the buried coveted finds. It took about fifteen minutes before the goal was finally achieved.

Having determined the location of the last set of ammonites in the fibers splices along the top of the ridge, they saw that these deposits extended further for several more miles. Today compared with many ammonites Nautilus, now living on earth, because they have many similarities with ammonites. However, once scientists have yet come to the conclusion that the ammonites are rather refers to a family of squids, than the Nautilus. For how many years does not fade the interest of scientists around the world to the history of these once living on our land animals. And to this day the magnificent and mysterious ammonites with great interest the study by scientists around the world, each time discover something new in them so mysterious and sad stories.

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