Like educational, we know of the benevolence, reaches and repercussions that the EFQM provides and that of knowing how to apply it, to design the variables that it involves for its analysis, in the case of the universities contributes in to provide all that one information that allows to define the strategies, action that the university authorities in charge of the management, operativity of the universities, must carry out and to be very kind to put into action the effective systems of management that guarantee excellence, requiring itself for it and for it, to count on a series of methods and tools that allow to analyze and to solve problems, to put in quality practice measured, to realise comparisons with other organizations, to redesign processes or any other action of the institution, in order to leave avante the present crisis that confronts and to recover the academic excellence. Considrese, that the application of model EFQM, has become in Spanish universities with success, as it provides the antecedent of which the UCAM, is the first university in Spain in obtaining Sello of European Quality EFQM for its general services enough In particular, the investigation that the program of Management of the Quality of the University of Carabobo is realising with the work of field that realises Antonio Rivers, guaranteed by the Coordination of the program, will allow to know the situation the services of the University of Carabobo with respect to the criteria of the excellence model, doing emphasis in its Area of Postgraduate, specifically the one of Phases. To read more click here: music downloads. For it is had designed a detailed planning of the activities that must realise each service and will include recommendations with respect to the areas on which to take part of form high-priority. Analyzing itself in addition, the weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths that the Program at the moment has in relation to its services and academic excellence. In this way one will demonstrate the reach, applicability and advantages that model EFQM generates and guarantees to be possible the profit of the academic excellence.