Who wants to go to a rabbit, can easily build the cage for the new residents. Tend to be specially built stables are always better because you know with what materials you works and can be herself creative. the information. In addition the cage can be customized for apartments centimetre. Purchased are usually cheap in Asia produced and edited with harmful paint. There, the trouble is very large, the cage already breaks down after a very short time if the animal does not feel comfortable.

If you it dares to create even hand, some basic things to be resolved but before necessarily. House or garden rabbit? Where should the new home for our little friend in the future be? How large can or must be the new Palace. He gets one or more floors? He remains alone, or cause more fellow? All answered these questions you can even go. The material procurement In the hardware store or the local Carpenter, you should ask for which wood is best suited. Usually the native wood is recommended. Next, you need a grid or mesh for one or more doors, you would like to install. There, you should also select always a wire that has no plastic or rubber coating. Those who wish can get four roles.

Then, you can move the install on demand with ease from one place to another. Another important point! What necessary hand tools are available? It not only a screwdriver, screw and saw this. To ensure stability during processing, you need also clamping tools such as ratchet clamps, straps or clamps, applied after the assembled around the casing so that the install not right back out of shape. A cover of bitumen is used for the roof. It protects better against the atmospheric agents such as rain, hail, Sun and snow than normal tar paper. Corrugated plastic sheets, a similarly good long-lasting alternative are also suitable. This should be sure that the roof has a slight slope so that rainwater can flow well. In General, it is important that the wood is everywhere well protected. The glaze (linseed oil, Ballistol) it recommended should be odor-free and non-toxic, but for waterproof and heat-resistant! The stall with his back facing the”bad weather” (West) find the suitable position for the stable when everything is so far completed, provided, or better yet with your back to a wall, which is to this page. Thus water effects and rot to prevent as far as possible in the long term. The protection from the bottom is of course also an important point. Moisture pulls up at the feet of the wood from the ground and leaves them shabby and brittle. However, aluminium or plastic sheets help very well. The whole thing still on concrete slabs and the cage is sufficiently protected. Still plenty fresh to the final straw or hay to and the new residents can move in. Katrin deer