Facing the challenge to analyze (DES) the construction of the feminine citizen that if opposes to the hetro-patriarchal standards, I consider it the study of the condition of the woman as complement of the family. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Digital Cameras by clicking through. She is an important agent of changes for the function that exert in the society, for in such a way is not that start to cite Cassandra Rivers whose name was Odete Rivers (1932-2002). Pioneer of the lesbian literature of Brazil, was known for its bold workmanship and its popular language that attacked and escancarava preconceptions and esteretipos of direct and sexually explicit form. The author throughout its career published some books. The first one of them was the Volpia of the Sin, written to the 16 years of age, launched in 1948 when the personages searched a term that defined and explained the cause of an inhuman love, using the lesbian conceptualization to describe as ‘ is justified well; ‘ woman who likes mulher’ ‘. It published several other workmanships and it mixed in them feminine characteristics, umbandistas cults – as we see in Macria (1979), businesses and politics. One of its workmanships, the Paranica (1969), had adaptations for the cinema, starting to have as Ariella heading. Being considered the vendida author more in years 60 and 70, it arrived to have 36 of its books forbidden for the military censorship, being had workmanships torn and burnt for commission agents the service of the dictatorship who tachavam it of perverted, fact that explains the comprometimento of the mother of the author in not reading its workmanships.

As it remembers the author in one of its autobiografias: ‘ ‘ they had baptized … me of Demon of the Letters, Papisa, a lady of layer and sword, seducing and corrompendo’ ‘ (2000, p.30). Nominations that the repercussion of the author did not veto, therefore the social reach of its workmanship it arrived to reach the edge of 300.000 a thousand units.