The cottages are a new accommodation option in our days of vacation, and in addition are an alternative that until a few years ago had been unexploited it enough. Rural tourism in many parts of Spain, where tourists are housed in small towns or villages of very few inhabitants, away from the noises of the city and full of pure air, where to enjoy a few days of tranquility and see beautiful landscapes is currently practiced. That is why we find many sites where staying anywhere in Spain, with the possibility to rent rooms or the whole House, to spend a few pleasant days with family, friends or a couple. Many web pages where search for rural accommodation, also in the newspaper appear on internet and other media, that is why each day more people reported about rural accommodation in any part of Spain. Tourism catering not only gives you peace of mind and some good views in nature, as it gives you proximity to closest places where to meet your leisure offers go shopping. Rural tourism activities holidays that most are spreading today is, why every day more people are who decide to spend their holidays in one of the cottages that there is throughout all Spain. Rural house Cortijo Los Lobos Blog of tourism and accommodation promote the compatibility in the couple Mobifriends Blog meet people and video chat free Brenda Carvalho and Julinho confirmed that they are couple Area Base: best in actuality avila, rural accommodations offer a promotion for which Spain events, vacations and travel blog fair international of tourism of Interior rural tourism in Valladolid