In the city of Green River, the data are registered in the Monitoring Epidemiologist, of where later they are directed for the regional nuclei and after that for the Health department. In Brazil the biggest indices of ofdicos accidents are registered in the regions North and Center-west (RASP, 2009). The sorts of greater I aggravate epidemiologist involving serpents are the sorts Bothrops and Crotalus, being able to have deaths notified in the monitoring epidemiologist in some Brazilian states (PINE et al., 2004; RIBEIRO, 1998). The biggest number of cases must to the Bothrops sort (approximately 80%), followed of Crotalus (8.5%), Lachesis (6.9%) and Micrurus (1.0%). (RASP, 2009; BIRTH, 2000; BARRAVIERA, 1999; FEITOSA, 1997; RIBEIRO and JORGE, 1990). According to given epidemiologists of the Ministry of Sade (MS), they occur between 19.000 the 22,000 ofdicos accidents per year, with death of 0,45% (BRAZIL, 2001; PINE et al., 2001). The obligatoriness to register the data on the ofdicos accidents allows that each region traces a profile on the victims and the situation of the accidents.

In the present work the data gotten in the city of River Green will be told, where the main economic activity is the farming one. Considering that in Brazil the majority of the accidents occurs in the agricultural zone, the study it makes a comparison with the information published for the other regions. The objective of the work is to evaluate the aspects epidemiologists of the ofdicos accidents for peonhentas serpents occurrences in the city of Green River? GO, in last the 3 years. Specifically to quantify the number and the type of accident, to verify the secular distribution and to relate with the sazonalidade, analyzing the profiles of the victims, as sex, local etria band and of the bite, classification of the accidents, verification of the evolution and to relate the circumstances of the accidents. The gotten data will be able to contribute for the adoption of measures of prevention against ofdicos accidents and also to minimize sequels and the unnecessary death of any type of serpent.