Few details regarding the great Royal Wedding have won as much relevance as Prince William and his recent problem of baldness, entries inform us sources as the New York Times. In America, where interest in the Royal Wedding is on the rise, Kate Middleton has become a fashion icon in recent months. But Prince William, although still admired for its charm, friendliness and appearance, has received more attention for his hair loss. In United Kingdom also have focused on his baldness Treasury comments as let you put hat or even a hair of fool who goes to the throne. The New York Times has assessed whether the Prince should be in a hurry to get married before the baldness is fully seated.

Sociologists say that men as well as women have a clock that tells them that they must settle romantically with a partner before the worsening of his physical. It is true that for some men, baldness can lead to insecurity regarding their relationships. Staying bald can be somewhat traumatic especially for young men. On one occasion, the actor James Nesbitt said: losing hair is horrible, and anyone who says that he is not lying. On the other hand, there are some men who kept his confidence while been bald. Actors such as John Malcovich, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel are examples of men who are left with the bald look and exploit it. At the moment Prince William seems happy and doesn’t hide his baldness. It can appear proudly on the screens of TVs assuming his premature baldness.