What is the LIMA project? Developed initiative that demonstrates the technological and economic feasibility to drastically reduce the environmental impact in buildings, improving comfort, livability and quality of life. How it shows it? Built housing that reduces a 97.4% of CO2 emissions and a 50% water consumption, in which participates the know-how and feasible commitment to sustainability of 40 companies and two universities of international scope. Is which the contribution of KEIM ECOPAINT in the research group? KEIM brings the treatment of interior paint and mineral Sol-silicato KEIM OPTIL color, along with the protection of woods with natural origin LIVS lasuras. Finishing decorative, flame-resistant, hygienic, antistatic and inhibitor of microorganisms, without biocides, fungicides or other petroleum products able to bring harmful substances or toxic to the applicator and in time the inhabitants of the House. The ecological profile in throughout its life cycle (1/3 of the environmental impact of the water paints) In addition, represents a leap forward in the improvement of the quality of the interior of the dwelling life. Can you see results and build with these advantages? The prototype sits on the campus of the lEscola dEnginyeria i Arquitectura la Salle you where it will be in operation during a year evaluating the previous data obtained in simulation programs. The results will be available in real time on the Web. LIMA is developed by a research group formed by private establishments and universities of Catalonia and Germany with the participation of 40 companies located in Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. LIMA is not a House, is a weapon to change the future and a revulsive feasible in times of crisis, able to give real impetus to the new generation of sustainable housing.