In this article intended itself to show how much literature is a way important to denounce and to criticize the existing events in one determined time. We detach the workmanship Captains of the Sand, written for Loved Jorge who used itself of a simple language to attract the attention of the readers. The literature that before possua an elaborated language will go to the decade of 30, to change its face total. It will go to possess a simple language, come back toward the public, therefore an elaborated language the majority of the population had difficulty to read, therefore the educational level was low the people did not have an interpretation capacity. With the untied language lightest and, it makes with that the society in general has contact with the literary universe. This lighter language will go to mesclar with the denunciation and the social injustices that many writers of this time will go to approach and is with this aspect that we will go to detach in this research with the workmanship Sand Captains of our beloved Loved Jorge. In this article, using of one he searches bibliographical, we will go to perceive what Loved Jorge wanted to approach, to show the true Brazilian face. The historical context of the decade of 30, year will be analyzed where it was written the book, the social biography of the author Loved Jorge and problems faced by the personages.

We will travel for the book Captains of the Sand, with its beautiful plot, beauties personages and to perceive critical the social one very argued well for Loved. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Literature, Loved Jorge, critical social, Captains of the sand. This ABSTRACT In article intends you be shown how literature is an important means you expose and criticize the events present in given teams.