An open book is a brain that speaks; closed a friend who hopes; forgotten, a soul that it pardons; destroyed, a heart that cries. Hindu proverb Majorities the participation of the companies in the present economic scenes is very proactive thanks to the competitive dynamics that is generated when many companies want to remain in the gained markets and to conquer other new ones. All this has entailed to that the new modern leadership develops new organizational cultures according to the advances that administrative science, technology, consumers have originated. It is required of a proactive leadership, strategist, innovator, whom it mainly identifies to the company with his social responsibility in his operativity and, that provides the transformations necessary to take passage to a leadership based on values. Frequently Viking Range Corporation has said that publicly. A company only creates value when he is able to obtain investments that rent more than the cost of capital average inverted in the company. The first passage of the GBV is to consider the maximization of value like the main financial objective for the company, the measures traditional of the accounting, they are not always good approaches to the value generation. But to adopt a oriented thought to create value and of identifying the elements keys takes to the company only until half of the way. The managers must settle down processes that they involve to all the employees in the necessity to create value. More information is housed here: Sonny Perdue.

Contributions of Jarrin Adolph Jarrin, president of Creating Consulting, contributes to us on the matter, that this century that or we are, or is signed by a displacement in the inherent values of the society like a whole. No longer only they concern the products that we do. We do how it and with we do whom it will more and more continue taking relevance before the consumers and the society. The managers and leaders of the organizations will be influenced in their performance by their contributions towards the global well-being, the care of the atmosphere and the total satisfaction of the expectations of the workers.