Advertising of other projects. With the help of the forum can be easy to advertise other projects and services, of course, similar in theme to this. Otherwise it may be perceived as spam by .Vybor engine forumVybor forum is one of the most important steps in promotion of the forum. How to ship call, as we know There may be various options – services free forums, free forums engines and engines are actually paid forums. If your host supports php and, possibilities, MySQL (this is more desirable than plain text files), then the services of free forums to disappear by themselves.

Is it that if you are too lazy to install and configure your own forum. But still, should understand that over the own forum you will have more control. And that is timely back-ups of data, change the principle of the forum (if it turns out that the current principle of ‘poorly controlled’ indexing), in short, total control. You understand that the code of service free forum can not intervene. But what is the proc can be derived from such services free forums, you ask? Oddly enough, plus there are those that have other forums cons.

Namely – these forums do not need to install, quick availability. Around them can also form a community as in other forums. Which forum to choose from free? Complex issue. A huge number of options. Once I was within some time working with a forum phpBB. The engine is good, but it was too ‘leaky’.