All the documents in annexes. These documents giving in them perhaps options to reflect on some questions and opens possibilities of more studies on the Mount Village or Regina Village/River Tinto/PB. The located Mount indians in the Regina Village in River Tinto/PB existed that is a fact in documents in attached sample this. Venderam its lands show the names of who vendeu and of who it bought, some had been even so and come back text according to work in the textile plant. It will be that as had been left nowadays to influence through the politics, religions? Others had remained accepting the condition of not the indian. When they despertaram for the search and the recognition of its identity was through that? Why? A time that the inhabitants of the Regina Village had worked, had retired of the textile plant and lived pacifically until some time behind. That influences had made the Potiguaras descendants to awake to be recognized? What they had conquered? what they had constructed having its lands in return?