Starlight Express – the musical in Bochum fast-paced action on roller skates, breathtaking stunts and great music, this is the world of the Starlight Express in Bochum. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music to do so. In the musical, the story is told from the World Championship of the locomotives, and this musical has played in 23 years in the heart of more than 13 million visitors. Starlight Express is the most successful musical in the world – on a site. One experienced firsthand this musical, because the roller skating courses right through the spectator stands. A swivel Bridge allows the actors to move on three levels.

It takes your breath away one, if you can see the daring stunts, here we must not forget that all of this happens on roller skates. Great effects such as roller skates that sparks or a large starry sky in the theatre Hall captivate the Viewer, as well as the extraordinary and colourful costumes and glittering makeup. Voiced artists and the Starlight Express Orchestra, which sits in a room under the stage and thus is not visible to the audience, presenting the musical songs and immediately pull the viewer captivated. Musically, there is something for everyone, because in addition to many rock songs also the emotional ballads not to be neglected. It is an experience to experience this musical, so I can only recommend everyone, yourselves on the way to Bochum, look at, and since then the musical as enthusiastic and fascinated, as have many thousands of visitors before you. It is worthwhile in any case. Company information: Britta Kummer, writer and author of the book: welcome back, Amy, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. Press contact: Britta grief Hofinghoffstrasse D 58256 Ennepetal e-Mail