We know that achieving a goal implies a strong commitment, among many activities are changing our attitudes and behaviors, this is not a task for a few days, actually it is a lifelong process, but more soon begin to analyze the various personal conditions that we must take to achieve the life we want then more soon will happen internal and external changes that we crave. We then present some other qualities that need to be developed to have a life full of accomplishments. Controlled: People who cannot control their own impulses so hardly can control or influence others, then the successful person keeps calm in any situation, this ability is not easy, it actually requires years of practice to achieve a mastery of our emotions. Conversationalist: Wants to say that it is a person who likes to talk widely on strategies and solution of problems, but you must also have capacity for synthesis. Cooperator: Is the quality of people that focus on activities and in fact resolve a situation, this allows you to act with a great spirit of collaboration, which is essential, mainly on the activities in work teams. Creative: It is the ability to think beyond the obvious or existing, creativity is fundamental for the development of major projects, if we observe grades them success stories will notice that creativity has played a crucial role, now how achieve an excellent creativity? Creativity is a spiritual process, a connection with the forces creators of the universe, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt book are techniques of the power of the mind and how the creative universe process works by reading this book you will understand and apply how human creativity worksthen you will be in the capacity to achieve a super inspiration according to your ideas and goals that you want to develop. Retailer: People who focus on details usually seek perfection, then we must seek continuously those little things that they are then making big differences. Disciplined: A disciplined person is capable of great things, it is without doubt the discipline totally necessary to achieve success, discipline is the sum of a good amount of positive habits, then where we go then acquiring beneficial habits that we boost greatly. Patience: This is a virtue that not many people have, is that condition that most people renounce their dreams, only when someone is fully committed to something and with high levels of motivation is that you can generate a good dose of patience until achieving what you want. They may mention plenty of qualities that affect a person achieve success, no doubt that any party with an idea, with the burning desire to achieve something, is an internal flame that you not extinguished before no difficulty, it is an extraordinary engine that leads to continued action, is the thought focused only on the results, this is enjoy one deep motivation, in the book the secret of the power of goals shows us the steps necessary to make that determination and faith deep into the people who we want to be.