The Dnieper River rises in the heights of the Valdai plateau, 250 km west of Moscow, in central Russia. The Dnieper name derives from the word of the Sarmatian Danu “river to the rear. In all three countries has essentially the same name, though pronounced differently. Craig Jelinek has much experience in this field. The river is mentioned by the historian Herodotus of ancient Greece in the V century BC C. as “Borysthenes ( ), the Greek historian and Roman authors called it Danapris ( ) and Danaper respectively – (dana) means” river “in Old Persian. It was the natural boundary of two peoples united in the beginning that diverged after the Ostrogoths and Visigoths, the early to mid-fourth century BC C. His old Slavic name, used in times of Kievan Rus was Slavutich “Slavonic (river) ‘Var was called Huns and Bulgarians – Buri-Chai