This indicates on the one hand, that people really are not working or in any case are not developing a real work in team. If you would like to know more then you should visit Craig Jelinek. It was noted that in everyday life, they really struggle and they work hard, but what happens is that their efforts fall on deaf ears, are lost by the fact of not able to materialize by several factors, most of which is the lack of enrichment of ideas, by the learned of it, by the lack of support from their peersby the lack of effective team leadership and even ignorance of his immediate boss of proposals designed but not informed clearly that impede its implementation by the confusing that can be, and the lack of identification with the goals of the team and the organization. On the other hand, if the number of conflicts is excessively high, has observed that it tends to spread chaos and disorder, lost within their own debates, they disorient and they deviate from the objectives for which the team, was formed In addition to forget usually organizational objectives. This situation may endanger the sustainability of the organization. Specifically, while there are individuals interrelate, interacting, you can generate a conflict for reasons of personality, appearance, that care should be taken in order to avoid a negative climate in the behavior, effectiveness of work teams, but also, management must constantly monitor policies, functions of the expected work, with the aim of determining if it can give way to conflicts occur and affect the organizational behavior of enterprise. Of course, management once the conflict manifests itself seek appropriate solutions in order to restore the organizational climate, harmony, so indicated by Amoros, within this process of generation of conflicts is very correct, you have to speak another important process that is the negotiation, to which each of the members of the team must be preparedhaving developed those skills and most importantly this, is having such an attitude of service to others, in such a way to confront this process knowing that the person with whom we are negotiating also has to gain, with the purpose to give sustainability which is required at the time.

This implies well prepares the negotiation process, have very clear game rules, clearly state his position and prepares argumentation due, reach an agreement and of course implement the same. An important point in this process, is that the other party knows exactly what has to negotiate, and if there is important information that has to know the person with whom we negotiate, have to deliver it do not forget, that sometimes you can see that the basic problem of a unit of work is the predominance of the disturbing conflict and hostility and this is not favourable to the organization if the causes is not corrected. ..