In contrast, we need cares, orientation and teachings; that is, we only become in them in fact human in the measure where we coexist and we learn with other people in one given culture. By means of this learning in the social life we form our personality and we organize our way of living, our feelings and desires. Our life alone can truily happen to be participated of a cultural world, if to partilharmos a set of social references. The man is a social being and organizes its way of living collectively, creates ways to organize its life politics, of if relating with the environment, to work, to distribute and to change the wealth that produce. More still, all the peoples had developed artistic and religious languages, manifestations, moral mythologies, values, clothes and housings.

Thus, the cultural plurality indicates, before everything, an accumulation of experiences human beings who are patrimony of all we, therefore can enrich our life to the one in teaching different ways to them to exist socially and to create the future. The cultural diversity is cultural differences that exist between the human being. It has some types, such as: the language, dances, clothes and other traditions as the organization of the society. The cultural diversity is something associated to the dynamics it associative process. People who for some reasons decide to pautar its lives for preset norms tend to forget its proper idiosyncrasies. In other words, the all effective one if imposes to the individual necessities. Music downloads may find this interesting as well. Called ‘ ‘ status quo’ ‘ deflagra natural and spontaneously, and as Hegel would say, in a dialtico process, the significant adequacy of the being to the way. The term diversity says respect to the variety and different convivncia of ideas, characteristics or elements between itself, in determined subject, situation or environment.