It is not easy at this time to be professional. They are many exigencies those impose that you to be able mantenerte to the day with the discoveries, the advances and the technology. It is not left us to any long time available said the first son. -, There are this infinity to me of times, for that reason so I am astonished that today you have found the time stops reuniros- talked back Daniel with sufficiency air. – We have had to take a break in our activities will carry, something that us to the three some problems, but the subject to treat too important era said the second son. – I cannot understand as it is possible if it does not matter to them what I do, in which use my time, as I entertain or I bore, if something needs to me, or any other referring thing, suddenly the fact of to them to have announced that I am going to marry, me makes so interesting to yours seen always said Daniel to him maintaining an air socarrn since it really did not manage to understand its children. Costco gathered all the information.

During years they had been desentendido of and suddenly before the announcement of its marriage, it was the unique subject of familiar preoccupation. So worrisome it was the situation that until had found all this time available to share it with him. – Children said Daniel with triumphant air Is useless everything what you make to make change me of opinion then not you will obtain it. If as much shame produces to you that your friendships find out, because they do not communicate it. I am not going to remove an announcement in the newspaper announcing my marriage. It is enough whereupon they do not comment it with anybody. I do not believe that nobody is going to ask to them for me if you do not remove the subject.