In recent years the buying and selling of dollars on the parallel market of Venezuela result ah be big business, this has led to the price of the parallel dollar against the bolivar will increase at an alarming rate. Bold people, which in my opinion are nothing more than vulgar swindlers, have given to the task of getting dollars in any form, falling into a territory fenced to crime, to then sell them at exorbitant prices, which have reached more than three times its official value. Under this have arisen countless websites, such as and, which published the supposed price of the dollar on the parallel market.The truth is that before, when the company’s phones of Venezuela (CANTV) drove on the New York Stock Exchange price of the dollar was well defined, since people could buy shares of this company on the Caracas stock exchange, paying in bolivars and sell them in dollars on the New York Stock Exchange, this was what determined the known dollar CANTV. However, when this company happened to be handled by the Government Venezuelan closed operations in New York, which until that moment was how to measure the price of the dollar on the parallel market, the absence of this medium the webmaster, they began to wander off the price, publishing crude estimates of people who pursue personal interests.The worst thing about this situation is that the same exchange rate regulation system controlled by the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (CADIVI), in its effort to maintain control implements measures that go beyond reason, forcing Venezuelans who really we need dollars to buy them on the black market, and being forced to pay these high prices, buying them in pages like, where take away you a percentage in addition to the profits obtained by the purchase and sale of foreign currency to give you security in the transaction. The question that all us overwhelmed is when to end this situation.