The effects of chemicals in the environment Many employees are unaware of the risks of toxic chemicals and often do not know how to safely dispose of chemical waste. As a result, often are limited to “bounce” chemical waste in nature, for example, in the ocean, rivers, lakes, fields, roads, etc.. Sometimes, these landfills are in the community in which you and your family live and work. Toxic chemicals that are improperly disposed could end up in drinking water in places where children play in the fields where they are grown or the food we eat, etc.. All countries today are struggling with the problem of chemical waste and how to remove them permanently and safely. The best solution found so far is to use specially approved landfills and well maintained to prevent chemicals from seeping into groundwater and residential areas or crops.It is never a solution to throw chemicals into the ocean, they can have serious consequences: the substances pass into the food chain, destroying marine life, back to the banks, etc..