If you are of those who are already planning the 2011 Easter vacation there is something you should know. There is a low cost airline that is practically throwing the House out the window, takes advantage of this and passes dolled and unforgettable vacation! The airline, in conjunction with the Toluca airport reached agreement to make that you save on your next vacation. What is happening is that this Exchange you will benefit because the Toluca airport is going to give TUA (airport usage fees) which costs $204 pesos and is charged on your plane ticket. Continue to learn more with: Mike Shinoda. So this airline as well as offer you very low costs normally, now reduced you $204 pesos. Here is a little bit going so that you are planning your Easter 2011:-Acapulco from $495 – Cancun from $1195 – Guadalajara from $695 – Ixtapa from $495 – Los Cabos from $1295 – Monterrey from $1195 – Puerto Vallarta from $795 imagine you go on vacation to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo spending only $495 pesos in your plane ticket! These prices apply only coming out from Toluca so that when planning your vacation remember to make scale in Toluca or exit from there, you will save lots of money. Remember that this promotion is only travelling by an airline, enters its internet portal and find out about this and many other promotions..