In the majority of cases, the decision to leave the country of origin is full of complexities and relies on the personal history of each individual: their beliefs, family, academic level, economic stratum, its ties with other Nations, etc. For more information see this site: Sonny Perdue. Has been written that artists, lawyers, doctors, managers and engineers are leaving the country in flocks, while those abroad are scrapping plans for return.The richest among them are buying condos in Miami and Panama City. Oil managers are working on oil rigs in the North Sea and sifting sands in Western Canada. Those with European descent have requested passports from their native lands. Academic scholarships are lifeguard boats. Million Venezuelans have moved abroad in the decade since Chavez is fully identified with a socialism of the 21st century becomes a reality. There is another factor that the national Government through its Ministry of science and technology of Venezuela, knows, as it is that the current deficit of scientists in academic and industrial areas has an important dependency factor besides the fact that around 45% of the fellows abroad remain in the countries where they performed his postgraduate studiesmainly in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada and France. How much you cost that really to the? Have been? who was the beneficiary? The truth. that face this very worrying reality, especially for those who we identify with the potential of resources, talent that Venezuela has, as due to that can not continue happening such made, since then many professionals gives fear, political risk to an ideology that never Venezuela has faced, but there just must be the vision of the Government, know how to manage human resourcesmotivating them to empathize in the changes, guaranteeing work, employment, quality of life, giving opportunities to venture into government programmes whereas more than political commitment, talent, academic and professional quality and providing aid to those who can generate new enterprises, innovations that guarantee the use of professionals who graduate each year.