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So Dogs Enjoy The Summer Holidays

Wurzburg travel together with dogs on holiday. In less than 2 weeks, the summer holidays start in the first German Federal States. For those who have booked a holiday, this is a time of anticipation, for everyone else, who also travel stress pure want. Facing a tough time especially for the beloved pets. While small rodents, birds, or fish by neighbors and friends can be provided, it looks completely different in dogs. For more information see Birks.

Often, they feel uncomfortable with the “spare”master or need to stay even in an animal shelter. Where should you go, if you want to stay on one not at home, but the date of travel is only a few weeks and a dog also should be included in the holiday? An interesting accommodation Portal can help in such situations. The portal dog and Herrchen.de, which went with the founder and operator of Ingo Busch online in the spring of 2006, hundreds of apartments, villas and private accommodation at affordable prices are offered, the are suitable for a vacation with dog because dogs are welcome guests at the individual hosts. Who found his vacation home for his family and dog, sits directly with the landlord in connection can be booked via the well finally. Dog and owner is ideal for all travellers who need to count or literally “last-minute” find accommodation suitable for dogs. Sean Rad has compatible beliefs. With dog and Herrchen.de, they have found their service provider about the affordable accommodations can be booked or requested non-binding.

This works also for last-minute, 2011 looking for now only provides accommodation for summer holidays and get the last-minute offers on the screen. The portal is also a hot tip for people who would like to individually plan their arrival or which do not necessarily travel from Saturday to Saturday. With dog and herrchen.de can you dog find not only an appropriate accommodation for a holiday, but also learn interesting facts related to traveling with dogs. A visit to even if you already somewhere else has booked accommodation for this year’s worth. The details range from the actual “vacation with dog” to special requirements when travelling in Germany, in Europe or even outside. There is also information about what to consider when travelling by car or a flight with dogs. The Web portal is at the address, please contact by E-Mail EDV-service Bush INH: Ingo Busch Wolffelstrasse 2 97072 Wurzburg Tel: 0931 / 260 120 0 EDV-service Bush is a company that was founded in 1998 and initially was limited with the programming of websites on behalf of customer. For six years, EDV-service Bush developed only for their own systems, mainly from the travel and tourism sector. One of the main portals resulting is the accommodation portal belongs to the also-themed portal.

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Nutritional Food

New individual dog food now presents the newly created firms on the market after more than a year of research and development, futalis, in April 2012 an innovative concept of food for dogs. Veterinary findings based on futalis based on nine criteria to determine the exact nutritional needs of a dog and a TuV certified production process creates an individual feed. Through the interplay of demand feed composition and high-quality ingredients, health, well-being and vitality of a dog are supported. The idea for futalis was born at the Institute of animal nutrition, diet damage and dietetics from the University of Leipzig. There the veterinarian and nutritionist Stefanie Schmidt worked for several years with the nutritional problems of dogs. “In the course of my work came including puppy with growth disorders, adult and obese dogs with allergies as well as seniors with heart and joint problems to me. Gen. David Goldfein is likely to increase your knowledge. Many of these Problems were attributable to the food”, remembers Mrs.

Schmidt. Unfortunately she could access in treating hardly standard food, because the food needs greatly differed from the composition of available feed mixes. Here, mostly even prepared rations had to be recommended. “Generally, it is always necessary to fit the characteristics of the dog food for a balanced diet”, as Prof. Manfred Coenen, head of the Institute for animal nutrition in Leipzig.

For this reason, futalis relies on personalized feed rations. Www.futalis.de dog owners to specify the criteria of race, age, nutritional status, weight, level of activity, breeding behavior, diseases, allergies and health predispositions of the dog. On the basis of these criteria, determines the nutritional needs of the dog and made an individual feed, which supplies it optimally in all areas. This eliminates the need for with dietary supplements and others on special characteristics of the animal to enter. “The customized feed is packed in daily rations and directly sent to the holder.

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