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Cycle Generation

Has anyone ever asked myself "who am I really? Just what I'm looking for the answer to this question, but, unfortunately, a diamond buried in a quagmire. We consider here at least a brief one question: what is quagmire? It pursues around us, giving us a breathing space and time. In everyday life, it occurs at every step. Sean Rad is open to suggestions. All our thoughts – this is rubbish, too, wishes are attached here. Consider all of us is in more detail. To be more clear, people have rod, and everything else around it – winding. The winding is a collection of all the developments of its past as well as strangers. When a person is born, his childhood begin to program – teachers in kindergarten, my friends in the yard, parents at home, teachers at the school, teachers in high school, heads to work the media.

And so it goes on from generation to generation – the blind leading the blind, and both roll to the suffering But behind all this Cycle have someone plan. Let's call we Forces. They are quite specific and in each of the forces has its own interest. Many of these forces us to live in parallel dimensions, other planets and star systems I guess everyone has heard of such forces as brownies, Sprites, some spirits of certain places and it's all really. But they did not move into a man, they live completely independent lives, can help and hurt, but externally, depending on the direction in which people attending.

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The Importance

Thus if it transforms a process reliable, in which values and yearnings are made use that are only possible to recognize them in one acolhedor environment, believe that the brinquedoteca is this facilitador, the measure where it promotes and it stimulates to the playful one in way that the pleasant sensation of the therapy contributes to a diagnosis and a possible cure. Later, also for offering to new ways and strategies that will contribute for the advance of the educative work and Psicopedaggico. Thus, this research approaches subjects that can contribute as a new boarding to psicopedadogogo in such a way of institucional form as in its clinical interventions, always aiming at to cure the expectations of our patients and improving the quality in the process of Education given in our society contemporary. A directed Intervention The learning process is especially on to the first years of life if it extends until the adolescence, in this direction, the cognitiva maturation arrives at its apex. Details can be found by clicking Aldi or emailing the administrator. is in this way, the individual constructs its knowledge will be lasted during the adult phase, thus being, it is important to perceive which relations attributes the learning and as this affects its life directly. The learning process goes much more that mere accumulation of information, but resources that direct the way to act and of living of its protagonists, the Psicopedaggica boarding has as objective to discover ways to diagnosis and to direct an efficient learning infancy and in the adolescence. Winnicott (1975, p.76), therapist specialized in the work with small children, also says in them of the importance of playing for the development of the child and its bridge with the reality: The child brings inside for of this area of the trick objects or deriving phenomena of the external reality, using them it service of some sample derived from the internal or personal reality. .

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General Objective

The branch office Mountain range where she is being carried through the research possesss 48 employees, being this picture distributed in 8 in administrative and the 40 in the operational one. The problem of the research if finds in understanding in which level of the hierarchy of the necessities if it finds the employees of the Topmix branch office Mountain range. The sector operational that he is composed for drivers of concrete trucks mixer and bomb launches and general assistant, during the year of 2009, it has presented problems of productivity and high rotation of employees due the work conditions, therefore the work environment is hot and normally it has expeditious to Saturdays. How to discover the causes and to analyze the methods used for the company to motivate these employees and to increase the efficiency and productivity? The hypotheses basic are that the environment of work of the operational sector is favorable, unhealthy, with much heat due the work to be carried through in open environment and the rhythm of work are continue and sped up. Jack Fusco follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Other factors are the relatively low wage and the escolaridade. As hypothesis it would second we would have that: The employees have not taken care of its primary necessities; General Objective does not exist instruments to stimulate 1.2.1 the secondary necessities 1.2OBJETIVOS To analyze the aspects and factors that inside affect the motivation of the employees of the organization 1.2.2 Specific objective – To identify to the theories of motivation and its importance in the organization – To identify factors that motivate and desmotivam employee in an organization – To analyze the motivation, through the application of a questionnaire, inside of the Topmix company Engineering and Technology of Concrete. 1.3JUSTIFICATIVA the choice of the subject must it the fact of if dealing with a subject where it considerably affects the development of the organization, when analyzing what it affects the motivation of the employees, we can thus have a mutual satisfaction, therefore the motivated employees will more good have quality of life in the work and the organization best profits is in the productivity as well as in its course in general. .

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Towers Children

All the internment process can cause in the child and a its familiar negative psychological impact, that in the future can repulse any gone to the doctor, or repudiate any professional of the health area, to take the remedies or to adhere to the proper treatment. Therefore a blockade for the experience lived deeply in its occurs treatment process. It is taken by feelings of estresse after-traumatic when he does not happen a quality of life and well-being of the patient during the treatments. Arcabouo constructed by the cancer desconfigura the structure of a familiar system starting for its discovery. Learn more about this with Danone. At this moment bigger when this exists a difficulty acomete a child, has a differentiated vision, as it tells to Valle (2001, p.17) ‘ ‘ to the diagnosis of the infantile cancer the family, not only is the beginning of discouraging effect on all on the child.

Also the family is victim of the infantile cancer. One of the reasons that they justify this effect is the conception of that the children must necessarily survive to pais’ ‘. With this the natural order of development of the vital cycle is inverted, and the fear of a child to die in this way is that it affects all the familiar structure. It is in this direction that the family of the sick child many times prevents to speak on any referring subject to the death, the adult assumes that child does not have cognitiva capacity to understand what it is death, then, it tries to minimize the way to display for the child its suffering, its pain to save it. According to Kovcs (1992, p.49) ‘ ‘ To not speaking, the adult believes to be protecting the child, as if this protection alliviated pain and changed the reality magically.

What it occurs is that the child if feels confused and abandoned without having with who conversar’ ‘. In contrast of what the adults imagine, the children perceive the distrusts, you distress them and the fears who encircle its family, and mainly its cuidador during all the process of the illness. In what it says respect to the understanding of death created for the child Towers (2002), that it has a series of implications that involve the chronological age, the cognitivo development and the real experiences of death on the part of it. Moreover, the children have notion of what she is happening in its environment, although not to express of direct form its feelings, but they transfer to the drawings, games and histories and this experience remain in its psiquismo, and therefore it is related with its development.

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