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Cycle Generation

Has anyone ever asked myself "who am I really? Just what I'm looking for the answer to this question, but, unfortunately, a diamond buried in a quagmire. We consider here at least a brief one question: what is quagmire? It pursues around us, giving us a breathing space and time. In everyday life, it occurs at every step. Sean Rad is open to suggestions. All our thoughts – this is rubbish, too, wishes are attached here. Consider all of us is in more detail. To be more clear, people have rod, and everything else around it – winding. The winding is a collection of all the developments of its past as well as strangers. When a person is born, his childhood begin to program – teachers in kindergarten, my friends in the yard, parents at home, teachers at the school, teachers in high school, heads to work the media.

And so it goes on from generation to generation – the blind leading the blind, and both roll to the suffering But behind all this Cycle have someone plan. Let's call we Forces. They are quite specific and in each of the forces has its own interest. Many of these forces us to live in parallel dimensions, other planets and star systems I guess everyone has heard of such forces as brownies, Sprites, some spirits of certain places and it's all really. But they did not move into a man, they live completely independent lives, can help and hurt, but externally, depending on the direction in which people attending.

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This situation took the first attempt of feeding changes, determining the obligator cassava plantation in all the sugar devices, but this attempt did not give very certain, therefore it only happened in the coast, that was where if they found the dutches to observe, in the center the situation still was the same one. In the area of the hinterland the hunger is completely different of the said area until then, leaving if to have the daily habits (cultivation) and passing to have to the climate (Droughts), that it leaves of to have the sugar cane and starts to have the maize. Caused for the half-barren climate characterized by it dries, with irregular and scarce rains. In ground of the hinterland three climato-botanical sub-areas had been characterized: wasteland (it has water presence), caatinga (bigger northeast dryness) and high hinterland (forms attenuated of caatinga). As many biological, ecological differences, but in the vegetal feeding can be englobar the three sub-areas in an area of the maize of the hinterland northeastern. Also the fauna of the hinterland supplies few alimentary resources, therefore of few animals as hens, goat and sheep, still have the competition for food of the people with the robbery animals. Then for its feeding the sertanejos use of milk and of the maize to feed itself and with the coming of oxen for the region it started to also have protein a liberal source of the meat, but clearly without I exaggerate, as the consumption of the gauchos.

Beyond the potato-candy and butter, them a little abundant had obtained to reach an feeding even so, with high energy potential. Concluding of this form that sertanejo has a enough regimen for its basic necessities, without leftovers, edge for excesses. Thus, with regular rains, the sertanejos exactly live a time of abundance and abundance, but when it dries arrives, it disorganizes the economy and the hunger if it installs in the hinterland.

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Elite Politics

The union enters the two countries in certain way was a difficult process extremely, due to proper structural conjuncture and divergences politics in the seio of the party between the guineenses and handle-verdianos, divergences these that had been well-known since the period of the national release mainly in the ends of the decade of 1960. The murder the shots of Amilcar Cabral in 1973, for the proper integrant element of the PAIGC Inocncio Kani naval commander. Of certain form this episode was one of landmarks preponderant for the agreement of the coup d etat 1980, and the misunderstanding between the section Handle and the guineense section. From this moment the crisis politics enters in scene and started to structuralize until the years of 1990. In this period, the social, cultural, economic transformations and politics the international level were marcantes processes and had had influence enormous in the structure social politics and of the Guin-Bissau, mainly in the seio of party PAIGC, where the assignment of renewal and opening politics was reaffirmed.

Exactly this attempt of opening politics, the Guin-Bissau seems to have been last of an A stage another one with the same problems and same realities without never having been finished some of them. The guineense State after independence did not obtain to give to account of its proper commitments and responsibilities. Cheniere Energy partners is open to suggestions. BIBLIOGRAPHY ALMEIDA, P, R. History of the Portuguese Colonialismo in Africa. Lisbon: Publishing company Prints, 1979. To read more click here: Jill Schlesinger. CABRAL.

the Weapon of the theory: Unit and Fight. In ANDRADE, MRIO (org). Portugal: New Seara, 1975. CARDOSO, C. the Formation of the Elite Politics in the Guin-Bissau. Lisbon, ISCTE, 2002. I CASTRATE, L; IT HISSES. History of a Sahel Insular. 2 Ed. So Paulo: Spleen publishing company, 1996. DAGNINO, E; TATAGIBA, L (orgs). Democracy, Civil Society and Participation. Santa Catarina: Argos publishing company, 2007. FERNANDES, G. the Dilution of Africa.

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Rocio Scientific

The authors in analysis conclude that the new rumors of the epistemologia contemporary indicate that the belief in the fact of science to be infallible is an utopia, since they designate the necessity to reevaluate the science concept, of the discernimentos of certainty, the analogy between science and reality and of the legitimacy of the scientific models. 3 CONCLUSION With the study carried through concerning the conceptions of the scholars of the subject, can be fomented that we live at a time whose questionings on the character of the scientific knowledge are en vogue. However, it is verified necessity of a new conception on the revalorizao of the scientific studies, that are fundamental for the humanizao of knowing. Moreover, so that it has science has necessity of two aspects: a subjective one, what it creates, what projects, what according to constructs with the imagination the representation of its world internal necessities of the researcher, and another objective, what it serves of test, of confrontation. This security acquires it to science for looking for to be methodical. One of the aspects that must be pointed out in current science are the constant concern for the moan and correction of the inquiry methods, has seen that science is used to satisfy to the necessities human beings and as instrument to establish a practical control on the nature.

Therefore, science in its current understanding, leaves of side the pretension to tax its of true, but, conscientious of its fallibity, it searchs to know whenever it reaches is the approach of the truth, through methods that provide a control, a systematization, a revision and a bigger security of what the not scientific or daily pay-scientific conventionals.

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Quite to the contrary, we see egoism excess. Giving itself well in first place. The sex without the true meeting of the body. The displicncia in the touch. The complication in uncurling of something simple, (that old briguinha for nothing). The feeling of ownership in the relation. The diffidence. This is Love? These are its attributes? Plato saw the Love as something that if carries through for the directions.

You who make the Idea of it you feel, it. The true Love, therefore, is of ' world of ideias' , of the Real world. It is the Love for the Idea. It does not have necessity to participate of it. What it does not want to say that it is impossible! As many people assume. It is possible yes, for the Ideas.

He becomes fullfilled yourself in it. Exactly that let us not can ' he touches-lo' , however, we can feel. The physical beauty, for example, properly said, ' not existe'. See we it as something admirable par excellence, but, it is only one Ideal. Not by chance that he varies of person for person. ' Who loves ugly pretty it parece'. It remembers? For more strange than it can seem, when somebody says in Amar, this love only must be understood as the search of the Love. Therefore, the true Love does not compete in them. It only belongs in them as Ideal what it does not want to say that is Real. Sad to disappoint them! Imperfect beings as we, are incapable To love with Perfection. This, only is part of our imaginary ideas. Of ludus, Latin: playful. Unhappyly, this ' Ideal' (Love) it appears in our society as Merchandise. The beauty is a body without ' alma'. Soon to use and to be discarded. The desire is for the amount of relations and not for the Quality. It is the cult to ' body bombado' e, depression! Sadness, dissatisfaction, inadequao. Few people understand that ' we are not born loving, we learn Amar ' (Simone de Beauvoir). E, TO LOVE has that to be that not to feel and to idealize. It has that necessarily to be practised by intermediary of our actions. The dream already finished makes time. as to live without this illusion? The Love, Of the Love! Of the Love? Ah! You Love? It is identified, is justified, if thus it will be possible. ' ' He is eccentric to notice where situation a presumption love dies. However, when it starts the convivncia tends to finish. It would not have to be the opposite? If the least we knew what we feel would help a little ' '

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The Hypothesis

These in turn must be observed, organized and systemize through the questions that had been placed the nature, that is, to still carry through experiences, counting on the investigativo sense of the scholar (researcher). The second board it is of absence, it considers to classify the facts, it consists of distributing the facts in methodical lists in which the results of the experiences are transcribing tending to establish the cause of a phenomenon, thus it cites Bacon: In according to place, a citation must be made before the intellect, of the private instances of the given nature, a time that the form, as already it was said, must is absent when the nature is absent, as well as being present when the nature is present (NOVUM ORGANUM, book II, aphorism XI). This moment corresponds to the distribution of the facts through the surveys of taboas of inquiry, whose which, contemplates the results of the experiences. The third board of inquiry is of degrees or the comparison, it consists of the comparison of the experiences that had been codified, making possible an interpretation. The scholar finds the cause of the phenomenon and its law. This board understands two times: the first a comparison of the board, in this A stage interpretation is hypothetical, in this phase perceives it presence, absence and the variation of the studied phenomenon; in the second part the hypothesis is verified, the institution of an experience necessary and limited in which the hypothesis must become definitive explanation, or to be knocked down and abandoning must occur.

That is, through privileged facts, this moment places the nature in contraposition of its 0 variable, stating a last time to verify the hypothesis (Japiassu, 1995, P. 53). In third place, whose nature is necessary to become citations before the intellect of the instances, when investigated, is present in more or less, either after having done comparison of the increase and the reduction in one same object, either after having done comparison in diverse objects (NOVUM ORGANUM, book II, aphorism XIII).

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