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Media Classrooms

“MEDIA CLASSROOMS IN SCHOOLS OF SONORA” In recent years the technology has been a force for change in education, the classrooms of almost all school to some extent have a technological resource that is used as support material academic activities. Such was the impact of computer technologies and the Internet have become indispensable in all efforts of human endeavor that have developed educational programs that seek to assist the learning of students at all levels. One such program is designed by the School Network American Institute of Educational Communication (ILCE) and looking through the work of collaborative projects become a means through which students in our nation’s schools achieve better learning through exchange experiences with children from other areas often distant and unknown to the student. With the emergence of Red School education authorities saw the need to support the technical equipment schools to make use of the resources offered on the portal and thus began a program of equipment to schools called “Classrooms of Media” is a place to converge various visual media, graphics, writing and technology in search of strengthening the teaching-learning process. A media room is integrated with computer equipment connected to the Internet, television and satellite receiving station EDUSAT signal (another educational program that is implemented and educational television channels), is a space open to the entire school community and Teachers must seek to develop activities according to plans and programs the corresponding level. In the particular case of the State of Sonora the past local governments have attached great importance to the project and all primary and secondary schools have Media Classroom, that regardless of campus location has been sought for all children and teachers Sonoran have such a resource.

Even schools are start-ups and considered in its Building a space for the Media Classroom. The equipment is based on the number of students in each school, schools with fewer than 100 students have 5 computers, from 101 to 250 students, 10 teams, from 251 to 15 500 were delivered, and if the student population is greater than 500 I installed 20 computers. The number may be regarded as not in keeping with the average student groups from schools in the state, but another feature of the Classroom Media is that they aim collaborative work and the use of various media as well as a team Internet looking for information on a particular issue may be other print media consulting or reviewing videos or programming Edusat, last and always for the organization of educational exchange information collected by all teams. Unfortunately the impact it has had with this program has not been entirely satisfactory because in many cases, they bring to their group without a lesson plan and let the students make little use and activities in other classrooms where media have become computer workshops because teachers do not have sufficient preparation to optimize the use of these resources and that is reflected in student learning. What is needed now is to design a training program for the use of ICT as a tool for education and support in the work performed within the schools have offered a variety of courses and workshops in this regard but without effective monitoring and continuous. If we proceed to give teachers adequate preparation to management of communication technologies and achieve better results in education of children and young people of our state.

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Translation Models

This clarification of the contents of the original translator and the option of transfer. As a result, the transition from the original text to text translation, the translator often act intuitively. Translation theory tries to explain the patterns of action as an interpreter and, in fact there is a transition from the original to the text of the translation. In view of the impossibility of direct observation and research, the study of the translation process is indirectly, using various theoretical models describing the process of transferring the whole or any of his side. Conditional description of a series of mental operations, which are doing the translations of all original, or some part of it is a model of translation. Since the model does not necessarily reflect the actual translation of the interpreter in the process of creating the translated text, it is conditional. As a rule, Such models have limited explanatory power and does not claim that based on them can be realistically implemented a translation of any text with the necessary degree of equivalence.

Task models are only to describe a sequence of actions that can help you solve the translation problem for the given conditions of the translation process. Translation models reveal the individual aspects of the functioning of linguistic translation mechanism. Description of the translation process by means of theoretical models and a set of translation transformations does not set a goal of fully characterize the real actions of an interpreter. It only indicates to general linguistic features of the translation process, the nature of the relationship between text and translation in general and between the individual units of the texts, representing the relationship as a result of certain linguistic transformations. .

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Mental Calculations

Improving skills in mental calculation. One of the main objectives of teaching mathematics in primary schools – to offer students computer skills, and skills of a strong, conscious, and the skills of addition and subtraction Within 20 should be brought to automaticity. Assimilation of mathematical knowledge depends on both the quality and quantity of the exercises used. Each teacher strives to allow students as much as possible performed various tasks and exercises in class, and trying to fulfill their writing, believing that the more satisfied the written tasks, the better. Salem Trader Joe’s is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, the schools showed that high school students who do not know the verbal accounts, as a rule, can not cope with written work, often lying down in time.

To achieve accuracy and fluency of oral calculations for all three or four years learning every lesson Mathematics should be allocated 5 minutes to conduct training exercises in mental calculation required under the program each month. This requirement is implemented at the stage of the lesson, traditionally known as oral account. The main objectives of this phase are: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dollar General. and correction of certain knowledge and skills necessary for conscious perception of the material and self-employment. 2.Kontrol teacher for state of knowledge of students. 3. prepare students to accept the new material is rational to choose the content – it means the following requirements: 1.Obem alleged assignments should be necessary sufficient for further work in the classroom. Additional information is available at Aldi. 2.In the system proposed for the oral accounts of jobs should be clearly defined place each of them.

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What To Look For When Choosing An Online College N

A college degree gives a person a guarantee of higher wages and better work. Unfortunately, many Americans continue to follow without a degree. Using an online university is a great way to get a degree while maintaining a job, or caring for a family. There are numerous online universities out there, and it is up to you to decide which is best. The best online university should meet all your needs and provide a solid education.

a Here are some tips that are good to follow when choosing an online university. 1. Choosing a college with a plethora of class options. If you still need to keep a job and take care of his family, who want the option to have flexible classes. Some online universities offer more classes than others. The more classes at a university, the easier it is to explore and find a field of study that interests you. People always have more success with a field study who cares 2.

Besides offering a wide variety of classes, it is always good to choose an online university with a large number of degrees. Some universities offer only one line, select a few degrees. Having a limited number of degrees keeps class options to a minimum and you may find yourself with a degree in a field of study that interests you The purpose of a college education online is to provide you with a degree of utility that is capable to use in order to get a nice job. To find the best for you, having many degree options and class options is very important. 3. Choose the university with the best costs for your situation. Some universities charge more or less than others, and it is up to you to decide what is the cost best fits your needs. Search for schools in a certain range of pre-determined costs for you. You should not be afraid of either extreme, however. If you can not afford higher education costs, the cheapest online university will still be significantly better than no education. At the same time, if you are a great interest in degree programs at a university, but are afraid of the expenses, you must register anyway. The value of higher education exceeds the initial costs and you will be happier when you’re learning you want to learn. 4. Finally, look at the reputation of online universities. There are a few existing websites that provide information on online colleges. Some web sites rank online universities in certain areas of study. Having a degree from a university with a high reputation can help you get a better job than you might have had with a less reputable university. Take time to research and make sure you’re getting a solid title. The research is the best way to ensure a successful online university endeavor. The more you know about what is seeking, and of what is available, the easier to make a decision. Get a college degree is a great idea, and you must give your best to find the college that’s right for you.

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If the student does not learn of who is the responsibility? How to ignore the paper of the school and mainly of the professor in this task? The school has, amongst its functions, to educate transmitting its students a set of knowledge that exceed the learned ones in the familiar way. This learning is mediated by the professor, who must not only withholds the knowledge, but the capacity to modify knowing so that if transforms into something ensinvel and with felt for its learning. The professor, inside of this perspective, must have conditions to make joints between knowing pertaining to school to them and the knowledge of the student, therefore to teach itself was only question of ' ' to give aula' ' , to fulfill schedules and to give account of the listing of contents, everything would be simple and any person could occupy this place, however, far from this, she searchs and she is needed qualified professionals and in continuous formation. Of all the factors that influence the quality of the work of the school, the professor is, without a doubt, most determinative. The formation makes difference.

Of it they result to know, methodologies, resources of that the necessary professor to infect the student instigating the curiosity, provoking it to see and to make new things, but this it will only launch hand of this practical when it will be stimulated to make it, and without a doubt the stimulaton has broken of the interaction professor-student-knowledge. The initial and continued formation of professors in Brazil possesss historical trajectory and partner-epistemolgica, marked for different 4 trends, emergent of different conceptions of education and society. On the basis of the readings and interviews, we want to demonstrate as the formation of the professor and formation models are strategical for the result of its work, producing a reflection on practical pedagogical of classroom and its influence in the process of learning of the student, as well as pontuar the importance of the reflexiva attitude for the professional development.

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George Mason University

'With the help of data from the Voyager spacecraft, we found a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system' – explains lead author Merav Opher (Merav Opher), visiting scholar at the Department of Heliophysics NASA from George Mason University (George Mason). "It keeps the magnetic field from the interstellar cloud collapse, and explains the existing long been a riddle of his existence." Above: Voyager flies through the outer limits of the heliosphere on the way to interstellar space. Filed under: Jill Schlesinger. A strong magnetic field, which Ofer and other authors have reported the release of Nature from December 24, 2009, outlined in yellow. Copyrights to the picture in 2009, the American Museum of Natural History. It discovery is of undoubted importance to the future, when the solar system, eventually collide with other like clouds in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers call the cloud, in which we now enter, Local interstellar cloud (SYH), or more briefly 'Local Pooh. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Steinhardt. " The cloud has a width of about 30 light years and consists of a patchy mixture of hydrogen and helium with a temperature of 6000 C. Actually existing puzzle Pooh should be somehow linked to its environment.

Occurred near the Pooh about 10 million years ago, an explosion of supernovae creates accumulations of giant gas bubble at a temperature of several million degrees. Streams gas from the supernova ejected under high pressure, all surrounded by a cloud entirely and would have to break up or disperse it. 'The observed temperature and density of the local clouds do not provide enough pressure, able to resist the 'crushing action' of hot gas surrounding the cloud '- says Ofer (Opher). .

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Special Education

In June, controllers of more than eighty countries if congregate in Spain and sign the Declaration of Salamanca, one of most important documents of commitment of guarantee of educational rights. Hear other arguments on the topic with Secretary of Agriculture. It proclaims the inclusive regular schools as half the most efficient one of combat to discrimination. determines independently that the schools must receive all the children, of its physical, intellectual, social, emotional or linguistic Conditions. See Craig Jelinek for more details and insights. The Law of Lines of direction and Bases, in the 9394, if adjusts to the federal legislation and points that the education of the special carriers of necessities must be given preferential in the regular net of education. In 1998, the MEC launches document contends the adaptations that must be made in the National Curricular Parameters in order to place in practical strategies for the education of pupils with educational necessities special.

The ministry publishes the National Lines of direction for the Special Education in the Basic Education. 4. THE NECESSITY OF THE LEGAL FULFILMENT OF THE INCLUSION. In the globalizado world, we more live each time in a society under intense urbanization, verticalizao architectural and internalization of the spaces. The man produces its proper environment and intervenes directly with the social behavior. The human being sample its differences conquest its rights and its spaces. The first step for organization of an inclusive school is to sensetize and to train all the employees of the institution: professors, people who orientates and all the staff who works there.

He is importantssimo also to sensetize the parents? over all of the not-deficient ones. All must play an active role in the inclusion process. According to report of the ONU, everybody it is benefited of the inclusive education. It sees the advantages. Students with deficiency: They learn to like the diversity; They acquire direct experience with the variety of the capacities human beings; They demonstrate to increasing responsibility and better learning through the work in group, with other deficient ones or not; They are most prepared for the adult life in a diversified society: they understand that they are different, but not inferior.

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Breast cancer is one of the most predominant tumors among women and is caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the breast, and may even spread to other organs in the body. For the cure of breast cancer, its detection on time is very important and most widely used for this purpose tests are:-self-examination and clinical examination: self-examination is based on observation and breast palpation by women to detect irregularities. The auto scan is recommended on a monthly basis to all women over age 20. The same woman is capable of timely detecting injury when it does well and even though you don’t have a very big impact on mortality, lesions in the early stages of the disease are detected and the majority of breast cancers are detected by the same patient, discovering a lump or nodule. After the detection has to be a clinical breast examination with what should be a complete medical history of the patient. Medical history includes the family history of breast cancer and hormone status. Clinical breast examination is based on a physical examination of the breast with its palpation, overseeing addition nipples and armpits.

With the physical examination of the breast are allowed to detect a high percentage of lesions not detected by mammography. Learn more on the subject from WhiteWave Foods. -Mammography: screening mammography, also called mammography, consists of a flat image of the breast obtained through exposure to X rays. You get two projections with three-dimensional information of the situation of the lesion, so if we want to do a mastografico study to detect possible injury to a woman, we take two pairs of images: a craneo-caudal and another medio-lateral – oblique, for each breast. Due to the structure of the breast becomes difficult to be able to see an abnormality, since all their fabrics are identical. In a mammogram can find us with: 1. rces. injuries which could not have been palpable, smaller than 0.5 cm if you are nodules.

2 Calcifications can never become palpable by its small size. 3. Asymmetries in the mammary density. 4. Distortion of the structure of the gland. Nodules appear in two photos, blending with the glandular tissue. The calcifications are calcium crystal deposits very small only detectable by mammography. After x-rays and depending on the concentration of the malign particles, a biopsy of the suspicious part will be taken to make a pathological analysis of the sample and thus determine the extent of the injury.

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English Language

The English language continues with an undeniable importance within the massive plans for language study. This idiomatic component continues to be impressive within international interpersonal, business relationships, such as culture, etc. All this means that more people are interested increasingly adapt it as their second language.The development of English studies reached varying degrees of integration, and may appoint several procedures which, of itself, have demonstrated to teach more easily to the persons concerned. Add to your understanding with Sonny Perdue. And this is done with all the basic procedures in what relates to the structuring of the English. For example, is being given a net importance to the pronunciation as such, highlighting that you can make a great differentiation between the different accents that the person requires to hear or learn. In this sense, it is very important that educators have a degree of interesting diversification. In these cases can be named for example American English, which is apparently the Englishman who has greater international acceptance. Also taken into account e.g.

British English, sometimes imposed in Europe as a tradition of great category. WhiteWave Foods spoke with conviction. Hardly the same South African English or Australian English, for example. Such considerations also go beyond within the study of the language making case to its morphology. Here is detailed a bit more coming from the study as such within their historical aspects, something in which many students are interested as one might not normally assume. Well, it’s particular tastes.

On the other hand, the writing and the reading of English are also be practicing in a very special way. This helps the person think more in English, and to acquire this knowledge in a more natural and more programmed way which, incidentally, is a good advantage of assimilation and practice opportunities. Learning the English certainly has many edges to be tested. Such are the people who they want to receive custom classes, because so they feel in greater confidence to speak directly with the teacher or educator who is responsible (a). This is a method that is gaining much in some cases. They are of course the traditional classes, those where several students gather in a room or an institution to be able to share their knowledge in what relates to the assimilation of language as such. It also has a social value that is reflected in greater security. There are also many places and offers interesting with regard to the teaching of English. They are for example English summer camps, scholarships to study English, exchanges to learn English in the end, a wide range of pathways that have as main objective the establishment of English as the main goal. If you want additional information in this regard, please refer to the website clasesidiomas.net. Everything you need to know in English, is here. Welcome (as) all (as).

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School Supervision Next

The PERFORMANCE OF the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL SUPERVISION NEXT TO the ngela PLANNING Maria of Arajo Dutra* the school comes if dragging it has some educational years of confused form without knowing to the certainty that flowing philosophical or conceptions it must really adopt, in a society marked for the capitalism wild and dominated by the bourgeoisie. This classroom controls the means of production and purchase the force of work them proletariats, that without alternative vendem for a price that of the one not to cover nor its basic necessities. It is known, however, that this does not happen by chance, in the reality the school takes care of the interests of the classroom that commands the State that is the bourgeoisie and for this reason it does not interest to have one critical educational politics neither nor that it promotes changes in the society. For the ruling class the more the education to promote the unconsciousness more will be efficient. It is difficult to believe that the school that would have to form critical people and conscientious of the paper whom it plays if has transformed into place of reproduction of the injustices social, what it really lacks to the school is a critical conscience and dialectic. Marx, precursor of the Description-Critical conception, calls the school as capitalist that she defends the interests of the superstructure. However this theoretician points alternatives of overcoming of the contradictions, affirming that parallel he must occur the social revolution for the total development of the man and changes in the production relations. The supervision, in Liberalism, suffers theoretical influence from the administrative conception of production, therefore its function has origin in the plant in the perspective to control the work produced for the laborers, of this form its paper is atrelado to the parameters of the efficiency, of the bureaucratic rationality, breaking up still more the education system and making possible the Positivista conception that if it installs in the educational politics.

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