Jesus – the Christ – spoke of faith – and its teachings, do not lack of scientific tests – constitutes an apparatus of values ' ' essenciais' ' for all the good men. He is to follow not to follow thus – simple. That is, to accept or not – independently, of the proven source or not, he constitutes only one acceptance of our values for life, our life. doubts only tend move away from this &#039 to it; ' essncia' ' to take the agreement to the field of ' ' acessrios' ' – Clearly some thus prefer, and I also defend until the death its right of its preference. He sees this: he will be that I go to gain an illumination, or I go to facilitate the way to reach it if to come back my thought toward quarrel: It will be that Budha was same fat person? He will be that It – aid of the father had – not to work? He will be that all its followers – they had obtained to reach one I serve as apprentice of illumination? The one that takes me this? – to one nothing deep, only.

Now – another thing – Leaving of Salvador – to know how many degrees I have to sail in the Atlantic to arrive the Luanda – the one that speed I have to undertake – to evaluate the time of fond – how much combustible I will have to supply – how much of victuals I must storage – is for solution of practical theorems as these that I learn ' ' cincia' '. Because here the knowledge will be essential and not accessory. In the faith what it constitutes accessory is exactly this, – this scientific rationality – why – we are ' ' viajando' ' in another dimension of conscience – that we do not know nothing absolutely as operates. also I believe does not have to be searched or to be investigated. You unite – Jesus said this clearly – when says that ' ' Ventured the poor persons of (in) spirit well (knowledge), because of them it is the kingdom of Deus' (of the belief in the supernatural one), because they veem – and Gods live – with its faith. Still: ' ' He parches he checks because me? Blessed the ones that do not turn however acreditaram.' ' (Joo 20 -29) Everything what it said – everything based on saying of knowledge men – the theologians – not had caused me any intellectual doubt. However they had not added me nothing in faith terms – it only adds in knowledge, it says that me that Pablo made its work in a seriou manner and that until today we harvest fruits of this work. Apolinario of. the Albuquerque River, 09 July 2011