Month: July 2015

Brazilian Way

Thus while impacts proceeding from the wild action of the man on the environment only reached the poor persons (diligent and laboring of the great plants), nobody never touched in the subject or if it touched outside in very superficial way. But, when the problems if extend compromising, also the rich pocket and the health of and the powerful ones, are question gain force and re-echo, become it main guideline in way the great international conferences. I do not say that these are not important, as well as I do not say that we really need to take care of better of the environment where we live, but to much hypocrisy and games of involved interests in way to everything this! If thus it was not what it would explain, therefore, the refusal of the United States front to the Protocol of Kioto? Or same the attitude of Algor (former-candidate to the presidency of the United States of America), when nailing a visibly sustainable speech in way the biggest nets of communication and advertising it world and, however spending ' ' rivers of dinheiro' ' (about 200 million annual dollars) in system of air cooled in its house? An at least incongruous position! On behalf of a cleaner world, more healthful, ecologically balanced and equitable, Brazil recently signed an agreement of technological cooperation for production and commercialization of etanol (substance gotten from the fermentation of you sweeten and used as combustible for the automobile industry – biocombustivel). It would be this proposal really interesting for Brazilian us? It will be that all would be being benefited with the signature of this agreement? the consequences of the exacerbado plantation of the sugar cane for the ground and the native species of the region? the populations that live in these areas for where will be remanejadas; they would be these absorbed in its totality as man power? At last it would be the sustainable development really fulfilling the proposal idealized or spread out internationally? Why on behalf of the common good and of the maintenance of the life some must open hand of its resources and necessities, while others only dictate rules to be fulfilled? Why exist severe laws and punishments those that transgress the established norms and standards (generally poor and despossuidos), while others are unpunished, also having the support and/or covering of great agencies? (servant also to fiscalize the transgressors of the environmental laws).

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Applied Consultancy

The future of the Office of Pharmacy it is evolving towards the transformation of the traditional Pharmacy in a Space of Health. This it could be leitmotiv that it transmits like anticipation to the Pharmacies of Concep Future – the company specialized in optimization and rationalization of commercial spaces (pertaining to GHC Group), that offer several ranges of furniture for all type of Pharmacies, besides the possibility of realising a Project Key in Hand and that finishes organizing Concep on Road MADRID next to Global Services, the Applied Consultancy of Pharmacy that generates services and solutions outposts to improve the yield of the Pharmacy (also pertaining to GHC Group). The event to that they went more than 300 phamacists of the Independent Community of Madrid will take to caboen brief in Menorca, Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Jan, Corunna and Logroo serve to approach the professionals of the pharmacy the keys with which to confront and to surpass the threats that at present are flying over the sector. Hay to begin a to reframe and to redefine the model of traditional Pharmacy, to guarantee its survival. The phamacist, like sanitary professional of first level, must have a paper protagonist like educator and motor for the promotion of the health in the Society.

In Concep we work to create the new surroundings (Space of Health) where to establish that new relation phamacist-patient. , explains Alex Mller, its Commercial Director. Profitable spaces of health and are that Concep, like expert in the optimization of the commercial space of the pharmacies, it canalizes in these events the latent necessity in the Sector to have a new concept of Office of Pharmacy. the pharmaceutical profession, and especially all that we are to the front of an Office of Pharmacy, we have the responsibility to look for new alternatives and opportunities for our profession.

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