Month: February 2014

German Aircraft

In March 1940, A. Antonov, who worked at the factory number 23 in Leningrad, was charged with developing an analogue of the German light aircraft Fizeler Fi.156. Working on the analog, which received the designation "aircraft number 2" (EYE-38), Antonov proposed a on the basis of its military cargo "plane number 4," distinguishing features of which were radial engine M-62 light fuselage and biplane cellule. Then rejected the idea of military aircraft, biplanes, but after the war Antonov returned to it again. In 1945, the OK Antonov, the deputy chief designer of OKB-115, addressed the Yakovlev aircraft design with a proposal of his own design and received his consent. The project "aircraft 4 "has been completely redesigned.

From the previous project there was only a biplane box. In March 1946, the Novosibirsk branch of OKB-115 was transformed into an independent OKB-153. Its chief designer was appointed Oleg Antonov. Main task was to develop new CB transport aircraft "T" with a motor-62IR. Developed in parallel with the agricultural version of the engine AL-21. The first prototype, designated Cxa, was built in 1947. August 31, 1947 test pilot AP Volodin first raised it in the sky. In December, the Air Force Institute began its state tests, which lasted until March 1948.

In July of that year resulted in testing a second prototype with the engine AL-21. 23 August 1948 under the designation of plane An-2 was adopted by the Air Force and for the supply of CAF. Mass production was organized at the factory number 473 in Kiev.

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Glorious Ocean City

We can say with 100% certainty, Ocean City, MD – International Student City. Any visitor, when he came in the summer of course, will immediately note STUDENTS. They are everywhere, in restaurants, hotels, bars, taxis and buses. They can be seen on the streets and on beach, drunk and sober, at any time of day and night, of any nationality and from any country in the world. On the Internet in various forums about Ocean City written all of the good and bad before.

But there is one fact which is difficult to argue – it Summer is a density of students, as in any other city in America. And there where the students – a lot of fun, funny stories, love at first sight and simply meet 'one night'. City tale, a dream city for all those who want not just to earn and learn English, but also an unforgettable summer experience! So, the lucky owners of coveted visa, intending to spend the most unforgettable summer at the beach in the most famous resort town of Ocean City – Good Welcome! Ocean City, or just running in the local dialect, in the first place is so interesting and appealing by the fact that absolutely everyone will find exactly what is important and interesting for him! This city is unique and, believe me, you're in another such Across America syschete not, but can – and in the whole world! Party people – a place just for you in the first place, because the Ocean City resort town, which is almost never sleeps! Yes, shops and clubs close at 2 am, but after that just the real fun begins – night walks, after party at numerous acquaintances or even the guys that you do for the first time you see! Dating, or with the same students from our vast expanses Homeland, friendship, love, laughter, joy – all these rich operating system every year, so everyone finds exactly what he is looking! Just come! Romantics will find unforgettable sunrises and sunsets over the bay, quiet, wild beaches (to which really have to drive, but in fact are they and romance!), almost wild, and of course, a great ocean, so different and fascinating! Just a fairy tale! Those who want to just make a good – you also here, after all thriving resort life here with the constant demand for labor, so that the idle will not stay! Another question – where work to normally earn – more on that later. But it's important to start quickly to get to cherished city to settle down and grow roots, so just read more about Ocean City

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Resume Writing

Once I was approached by a friend of mine for advice about resume writing. We have made several versions of resumes, and they were safely sent to the firms. It seems, played a role, because call with an invitation for an interview was followed two days later. And from a very prestigious company, which offers work in certain perspectives, both in horizontal and vertical career. We carefully rehearsed her behavior during the interview. My friend was in possession of some psychological clues that allow the benefits to show themselves. And now – the day of the interview came.

The girl went to the meeting with the mood of the winner. And we will not dissemble, really expect a successful completion of this phase of employment. In the afternoon, I rang the mobile phone. Phoned my friend. Choking of emotions overwhelmed her, she reported a positive decision with respect to it by the employer.

Super! Interested in the terms on which it is taken to work. In response to hearing a standard set list: benefits package, vacation, sick pay, etc. That is to say that, in principle, guaranteed by the state and the labor code that is called "default". Okay, I think we'll see what promises to pay. And then she calls value of future wages. I feel that something is not right. I ask, where did this value. It turns out that she had expressed a wish to receive such wages. Tact was wondering why she wanted it so much. The answer shocked me: it is to the value of wages in the same place of work and added $ 50 received the required number. What? I asked about future obligations. The amount of work – more than the last place on the forty percent. Responsibility – too much more. Moreover, in this firm, he heard the requested amount, reported that about as much and can pay. Naturally, she was delighted and agreed to work. I decided to check whether such behavior is typical for talks on the future wages of other candidates. It turned out, so do a lot of job seekers. At first glance, this is a good tactic to add to its wage in last place a certain amount of work and call it a potential employer. And what if the average market price of the vacancy you are applying for the above requested at $ 100-150. And if the gap is even bigger? Actually you gave yourself to the employer for the difference. Moreover, such gifts have to do every month. You managed to keep your good mood? Not sure … Before talking with your employer about wages, it is necessary to study labor market. Learn how real is that the vacancy for which you are applying for. And only on the basis of the results, decide how much to request for their work. There are positions for which salaries vary very intensely, and for some – virtually unchanged. But with that in mind, future responsibilities, scope, level of responsibility and must make a decision. Each of us sure want to get more than gets. Only now, having got a job with the meager allowances, and know that your colleagues in other firms with similar responsibilities are much more you can keep a high motivation to work very long. Do not fall into the trap that they themselves and drive themselves!

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The Quality

Press the button in the Windows 7 "to roll the windows in the lower right hand corner I did it, but to work with the scroll bar that runs along the right edge of the screen – not always, had strongly pressure, and still often perceived not touch on the scroll bar slider, and next. But this is perhaps the only serious flaws, and they appear only on parts of the interface is not optimized for palets.Nakonets in Windows 7 processed on-screen keyboard and pen input device, to work, they have become much better. Firstly, I was amazed at the accuracy of recognition handwriting in Russian. In my not very good handwriting Windows managed to correctly identify almost anything, even put the right case. Problems started only in words, which apparently was not in the embedded dictionary – there accuracy drops, but only slightly.

In most cases, I managed to successfully write the name of the desired vebsaytov.Na English issues have been a little more – apparently I'm a little unusual write some letters. For example, the system often took the title I for 1. But in general the quality of recognition is very good. In addition, the program designed interface works with a stylus. It is convenient to edit the entered letters, for example, if the system misinterpreted one letter in the middle of the word. Function smoothly animated letters in the word fun to part in hand-editing. The onscreen keyboard is very pleased with its design. Incidentally, the paranoid can use it when you enter passwords in order to deceive the keyboard shpionov.Paru Seen a funny glitch: when I switch the screen from the position of the tablet into a notebook or vice versa, the picture is turned 180 degrees, and the orientation of the cursor – net.Na screen you can draw and write notes, there is special application-analog pad for handwriting.

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Post 9/11 Travel

In the time it has followed since the tragic events of September 11, we have seen many changes that happens to everyone. These changes began with shock, disbelief and anguish that overwhelms us, they made all work related issues seem trivial and personal relationship seem especially dear. And believe me, it is very close to the house with a wife who works in the cruise industry in the United States. Those of us in the travel business started seeing numerous cancellations of long-planned vacation and holidays, especially the fear and misunderstanding of safety, schedule changes, including the will and the combined efforts of industry cruise passengers try to keep travel and enjoy the process. If you take a vacation? If you travel? I think the Americans proud of our freedom to travel and enrich our lives through interaction with the cultures of all parties. To cocoon and avoid travel allows those who seek to destroy our freedoms the able to take us to our knees.

I believe that America no longer travel, which is in our blood. The key is to increase awareness of travel issues and to understand how the process has changed. What follows is a summary of the changes you can expect to see in the near and far future. What I can wait at the airport? There are strict security measures on airport employees, merchants, airline employees and service providers that airports? And travelers. Wait for the line that you stand to take more time than before.

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Paint Shop Pro

Create your own web site occupation is certainly quite complex, but, in principle, have any special knowledge is required. Enough desire, commitment, to work on the Internet and the PC. Naturally, some how things will still need to learn, even if you choose to create a site on joomla or any other free platform. To learn programming languages, using ready-made platform, not needed. Then, if you will need, you can always order a specific service on the side. First, you need to learn CSS and HTML, this is the main base for creating a website. At least basic knowledge of CSS and HTML you will need. Without do web site from scratch without the help of experts, is impossible.

In general, there is nothing difficult here, HTML and CSS – this is not a programming language and to study the maximum available. Many Web sites are made by people with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and examples of this mass. In the Internet you can find free video tutorials are good to help learn CSS and HTML. There are also specialized books and websites that are dedicated to this, it is very easy to understand. Then, to create a website on joomla or another system, you need to study some programs to work with graphics. This is an optional time, but if you want your web site look unique and attractive to podnapryachsya. Photoshop Today is the most common, convenient and versatile editor.

You can use and less versatile and sophisticated graphics editors, we assume, Paint Shop Pro or GIMP, it all depends on personal preferences and requirements. Deal with the editor will allow videos, which are also represented on the Internet. Tutorial Photoshop is much more complicated than the tutorial joomla, but if you only focus on the most important points, you'll be fast. There are many websites and books devoted to these pursuits. With minimal skills, sufficient to create or modify designs, can be a matter of days. Then, when you learn to work with a graphics editor, HTML and CSS, it's time to start learning site engine – wordpress, DLE, joomla, etc. Typically, these control systems are open source. Simply put, you can modify and edit them as you like. Also Some developers are developing from scratch like CMS. If you stop your choice on joomla, then do the right thing, the engine solid, versatile and reliable. Another advantage is the accessibility and simplicity of this management system, joomla training rather simple and quick process. All that is required – download online video course joomla and learn everything on your computer. With a good wit, you will need to understand only the basic principles the rest will have on a whim, the main thing to understand what you're doing. It's almost everything you need to create your own web site, the rest is details, which are comfortable in the process. Then make a web site will need to fill Content purchased domain and hosting.

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Standard Ceiling

Try to draw on paper all the planned changes in the room. Of course, to call this design the project may be, is not easy, but for the builders, which invite you to work with, such the image will be very useful. The overall objectives of the repair room, just like any other room, it is important to regularize the room in general. To begin with the replacement of windows, radiators, doors and dismantling old furnish the room. To do this, remove the wallpaper, floor covering, remove the layer of paint from the ceiling. Then check the quality of the electrical wiring, if necessary, Stroebe walls and lay new cables. Then conducting rough finishing.

At the same time fulfill the floor screed, trowel and shpaklyuyut surface of the walls and ceiling, carefully sealed all the cracks and irregularities. The primary decoration begin only after all preparatory work. On the ceiling of the repair room ceiling should be considered the most important element. In this issue should be especially careful. The fact that we are used to direct the main stream of light from above, therefore, must have lights on the ceiling. You can use spotlights complete with a chandelier, the chandelier can be only one, but you can make light of some ceiling lights.

At the same time lighting quality will be different. Despite the trends, the preference for light living room should be given to an eye accustomed chandeliers and lampshades, giving a soft diffused light. It must complement the wall, Standard and table lamps. Multi-level light would help to break the space into zones and create a unique charm and comfort of your living room. The ceiling can be layered to use stucco, painting, or simple whitewash. Today, designers offer ceilings natural wood, panels, special tiles and various other ways. Particularly noteworthy ceilings. Any way to finish should be done professionally and efficiently. On the walls of the repair room in this issue limit of no imagination. You can use the structural plaster, wallpaper of various types, decorative panels, wood, cloth, combine finishing materials, active use of color. If you want to highlight certain areas in the repair room, use different colors. The main thing is to use colors and materials combined. Pay special attention to the fireplace is good if you have the opportunity to build this in my living room fireplace. But do not be upset if this is not possible. Use electric fireplaces, which are now amazingly like the real thing. Front of the fireplace can be comfortably placed fluffy carpet, and chairs can be arranged. A few words on the floor. Parquet should be considered an ideal option for the flooring in the living room. But do not stop only on him. For the living room suit and laying laminate, linoleum can be used and even ceramic tile. The only advice, do not lay in the living room carpet. In this room there are all your family members, and hence load on the floor here is comparable to the kitchen. Carpeting quickly breaks down and repairs will have to spend more time. Conclusion Deciding to redecorate your room, look carefully other materials of our website. Perhaps you will find useful information.

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The Ball

You have some equipment that goes to work together, you understood? This, to the times, of the problem, because one did not export right, there you have that to come back, to see where she errou. this, when you starting itself with the tool are terrible, because to times one will detail, that until the manual it jumps, already you leaves baratinado bigger madness! Then, it is the department was formed of this form, with four people and, by these four originals, them in such a way took account of the creation how much of the operation. Then, it also exists this dismemberment between creation of the virtual scene and operation of the virtual scene. The things are distinct, but, at the time, people accumulated of stocks everything. Then, thus, you created the scene, and such, I do not know what, she played for the exhibition equipment and was there controlling, looking at and such. Today this already is desmembrado. People saw that really this necessity does not exist, n? She had that to have this separation, because you are a consuming to be there looking at, she understood? you lose creation performance here.

is a vegetative, automatic thing there. You are alone raised, went up, you do not know what she has its responsibility, but you are not equal creation. In the creation you have that to think, to imagine, to calculate, to see as is that it makes, and such, I do not know what, later people she enters with the processes. But at the time people took account. Then, thus, exhibition turns! Then, it existed the most varied programs in hourly. It had a program that he was 11 of the night, a program that was to the noon. It had program that it was in the day of sunday, understood? The Ball in the Net! It is then, thus., the people that to control this everything.

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Project Advertising

Advertising of other projects. With the help of the forum can be easy to advertise other projects and services, of course, similar in theme to this. Otherwise it may be perceived as spam by .Vybor engine forumVybor forum is one of the most important steps in promotion of the forum. How to ship call, as we know There may be various options – services free forums, free forums engines and engines are actually paid forums. If your host supports php and, possibilities, MySQL (this is more desirable than plain text files), then the services of free forums to disappear by themselves.

Is it that if you are too lazy to install and configure your own forum. But still, should understand that over the own forum you will have more control. And that is timely back-ups of data, change the principle of the forum (if it turns out that the current principle of ‘poorly controlled’ indexing), in short, total control. You understand that the code of service free forum can not intervene. But what is the proc can be derived from such services free forums, you ask? Oddly enough, plus there are those that have other forums cons.

Namely – these forums do not need to install, quick availability. Around them can also form a community as in other forums. Which forum to choose from free? Complex issue. A huge number of options. Once I was within some time working with a forum phpBB. The engine is good, but it was too ‘leaky’.

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Project Development

) On this affirmation Adolph Vasquez it discloses that it is not enough to judge definitive act according to a norm or rule of action, but is necessary also to examine the conditions concrete in which it becomes fullfilled itself in order determines if the possibility of option and decision necessary exists to be able to impute a moral responsibility to it. Based in this affirmation we can say that the moral behavior is not the manifestation of a nature perpetual and invariant human being, given always subjects to the transformation process that necessarily constitutes the history of the humanity. Good and the bad one if finds in a relation for its consequences to the others, the character in such a way coats a great importance for the moralizao of the individuals how much for the moralizao of the community. (VSQUEZ, 2001, P.> 213). As Kant is taken as starting point of its ethics factum (the fact) of morality. an unquestionable fact, certainly, that the man if feels responsible for its acts and has conscience of its duty. That is the main point if sends to an ethical construction and deferred payment of each individual at its creative and professional moment. DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECTS the true project if makes with experience, practical and theories.

This is the ideal measure prescription to give it certain, it is clearly not forgetting a good concept, and a good methodology it project or is a weak and empty project. Good talent formation and practical much practical, are essential! It is necessary attention in the hour of the options of its project, therefore we must separate thought, reason, feeling and behavior. It verifies what you think on the creation and what the others also think. It analyzes with the reason. This can be the stage most difficult for the people emotivas, therefore they will be well more involved sentimentalmente with the project.

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