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End Construction

And so construction began. I will not describe to you the horror that I had to go through. Almost half the hotel courtyard was polluted with debris and piles of earth. Everywhere wandering workers, and on day vacation had to forget because of the constant noise of construction equipment. You understand that all my guests had departed, and those six months I worked at a loss. "But nothing! Soon, a pool, and to our hotel a long line up turn. After all, these beautiful bowls no one else in our region! "Meanwhile, the cost of my growing up.

The amount designated in the preliminary cost estimates have been long exhausted, and the end of construction still loomed in the distance. I knew that building – it unpredictable, but the extent of its unpredictability, I would not even know Where the previously required one bag of cement, to spend not less than three. Then the installer had left, and the foreman asked me to hire another more experienced and therefore more expensive. The architect that made a mistake in calculation, and said that you can leave everything as is, but better, of course, buy more reinforcement and to strengthen the walls of cups In general, I will not bore you with a long sad details of construction. I can only say that to finish the work I had to get into debt and tighten their belt. But I warmed one thought: "Soon, very soon swimming pools will be ready – and all change! "And it really has changed.

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Weight Loss

If you think that your problem of overweight will be resolved exclusively by controlling only the foods you swallow, breaded you are. Diets alone do not serve much, how you yourself may already have or you’ll be checking right?; except to end up taking more weight that even at the beginning due to the more than likely effect rebound. By how to lose weight eating: lose weight eating is based on solid scientific principles of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and holistic health; only if you are agreeing on a programme of lower weight with a multidisciplinary vision of the overweight, it is when really will have real chances of success in the short medium long term. 1 Lose weight without diet involves adelgazargradualmente, a healthy and lasting, to avoid the damn rebound effect; It is a process of learning fun and easy to carry; without starving, without weighing food, without calculating calorie/nutrients, without banning any food 2. Thanks to a diet and healthier lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, attitudes, beliefs), rebajaras not only weight, but it will also help you to improve your relationships with others and reduce even your level of stress, anxiety and/or depression 3. It focuses on your person as a whole; It starts by head, not by the stomach. You will help you to do the right thing more often without relying on hardship or sacrifice, new abriendote horizons of experience and since learning that is not centered on the substances, so no generates an obsession for food to reduce weight or leads to develop an unhealthy attitude towards food or exercise to lose weight 4. It is equivalent to take your future in your hands and not follow prisoner of the past; stop feel skeptical; You ensancharas your life rather than narrow-based restrictions is prohibited to banned, because you you rely on what you can do instead of what you can not do.

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Andean Community

Regardless of which one may be for or against the new proposal from magna carta of the Ecuador, one thing is clear. It’s a constitutional draft which introduces a number of developments in relation to the integration of diasporas in the national system. It is estimated that there are more than 20 million Latin Americans living outside their homeland and that there are about 50 million people of Latin American origin residing in North America, Europe and Asia. In the Americas there have been hundreds of constitutions but the Ecuadorian is the first Assembly elected members representing their respective diasporas participated in which in its wording. Six of them were nominated for Ecuadorians living abroad (2 for North America, 2 in South and Central America and 2 in Europe). Estimated that there are between 10 to 12 million of Andean living outside their homeland. This number is slightly lower than the of the almost 14 million Ecuadorians but more than 8 million bolivianos. Of itself implies that they might mean a number within the Andean Community of Nations bigger than one of its four member countries. The new Constitution to be voted on Sunday provides for creating a permanent base for the diaspora, something that, for example, if you have Italy. Colombia to date is the only country in the region that has a representative elected abroad, although it is only a Congressman to represent some 4 million expatriate Colombians. Peruvians vote abroad and comes discussed doing that the Congress of the Republic has two elected members by 2 to 4 million Peruvian expatriates. Brazilians, Argentines or Mexicans can also vote outside their countries, although Bolivia (who has between 10% and 20% of its inhabitants residing outside its territory) and Chile (the country from which was released after the coup of 1973 the first massive wave of immigrants to Europe) still does not give that right to their diasporas. Another novelty of this proposal of magna carta is allowing foreigners residing in Ecuador during 5 years power voting, although not the be elected, sew to the Yes entitled many foreign residents in local elections in Europe.

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Score Avtoinstruktora

Before a person who is going to comprehend the art of driving is always a choice of training method: driving school or private avtoinstruktor. Shall not discuss the pros and cons of these ways (a topic for another article). Just assume that the choice made in favor of avtoinstruktora. Now, there is still a difficult choice – selection avtoinstruktora. And not to be mistaken especially important here, because the quality of driving instruction depends on your driving future skills, which should help out in any difficult traffic situation. Just as the right to choose competent in all respects avtoinstruktora also possible to devote a separate article. I will mention only a few tips.

Be sure to visit the web directories avtoinstruktorov, where there are vast. Read what he writes about himself avtoistruktor that write about this avtoistruktore his former pupils. Prepare some questions to avtoinstruktoru detail and try to talk on the phone. If part-time acquaintance with a man made a favorable impression – arrange a first lesson. At the same time insist on a time convenient for you and venue. Avtoistruktor gives you not very cheap service, and to adapt to the customer should he, and not vice versa. And now let's elaborate on how to make a final opinion on avtoistruktore already at the first lesson, and not in a situation where your driving skills, which he gave to let you down. First of all, to engage in tedious to properly prepare. Ask avtoistruktora that the need for first class.

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Schweinsteiger Gave

And, apparently, she liked the gift to her husband: a victory in a match shirt heartbroken Lampard and exit in the semifinals. As we all already know, June 27, 2010 at the World Cup by storm of emotion and noise of the fans team Germany met in a battle with the British. This is only the struggle has not turned out, the score of 4:1. But the press, cameras, photographers, commentators, and all 80,000 of thousands of fans missed one interesting, but a very touching moment, and only one fan, community of our site, captures the love "When the whole stadium was buzzing, some weeping with joy, others with sorrow of defeat. You may find that Thomas FIrestone can contribute to your knowledge. Noise laid ears, and I thought my ear ready to burst at any moment, but Germany won, and I was not before. Soul singing, vocal chords and bursting on the site just could not sit still, I wanted to jump and shout to the whole world that I saw with my own eyes this game. At the stadium my seat was next to Sarah Brander, and I saw one beautiful picture, which made me think about that football is not just a ball game, that's life! When the whole German team celebrated a victory, congratulating each other, players and fans in England were crying and trying to to comfort each other, I managed to capture the most beautiful woman amateur of the evening. In the Middle Ages there was a rule that the vanquished knight gets a prize horse and armor of the vanquished knight, and Schweinsteiger and Lampard exchanged shirts.

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Often car owners spend the most time behind the wheel. That is why it is important that the driver was most comfortable in the car. And here, of course, can not do without such elements as the auto sound. Because music always accompanies the driver on the road and not give him bored. It is very important to choose a reliable device that will not fail and will provide an excellent background sound. As a key element of a system such as auto sound performs music player, which is selected in accordance with what format you prefer: cd, MP3 or dvd.

And maybe you will choose a multimedia device that can reproduce all formats. It is worth noting that each such device has its own peculiarities as to use, and in terms of sound quality. Choosing a player is guided only by their feelings and perception of sound. After you choose the player must take care of the acoustics. All speakers can be divided into two groups: component and coaxial. In the first case, the components are installed separately, which allows adjust the desired sound level in accordance with your expectations.

The effect of such a system comparable to the acoustic scene. In addition, speakers may be wide-band multi-band. In the multiband provides the highest quality sound, because here the frequency spectrum is divided into several bands at once, so you can play each strip separate loudspeaker. Add bass to the musical sound will allow the subwoofer. They too are divided into two main types: freernye and corpus. The latter type is installed in the car as a finished product. Autosound greatly benefit from the installation of special amplifiers. In variety of devices will help you understand the specialists that are available in every store, carries out a similar technique. Only quality items will allow you to create auto sound great.

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Oedipal Story

Free interpretation of the mythic story of Maria Lionza was going to consider a similar myth to sleep. It will take the story as the manifest content and knowledge will be sought from the latent content refers to unconscious fantasies, the primary anxieties of man. It tries to use the myth as a tool to solve a question. Maria Lionza Why is God Interestingly, the invariant elements in these stories. In the first three stories, Maria Lionza is a green-eyed Indian in the stories is a 4-6 Spanish. Her green eyes are signs of good sign and in other tales the same eye color is a bad omen. In some stories she is rescued by his father, in others it is rescued by some Indians. It becomes queen, goddess, but can also turn into a monster or a diplomatic, exemplifying that transformations are happening by opposites.Other changes are on the order of syncretism, by that I mean that the myth of Maria Lionza plays with the fusion or confusion of the human and divine. The myth shows the combination of Maria Lionza half human and half animal, and other presents itself by engulfing of an anaconda. It also shows the result of miscegenation and its consequences, then rescued by Spanish listed as Indians who become queen. These vicissitudes of what happens to oneself, is something worth investigating in the versions of the myth. Apparently unconscious fantasies poses a village about national identity by becoming, as well as the deity to consider what is not common in the community.The white color for example and indigenous green eyes, plus also tells us about the situation of each of the members of myth and its cultural history more specifically is seen as the threat invariant which is projected into the environment, something threatens the survival of indigenous girl with green eyes. In the story 1 specifies that for the father, this girl is a bad sign, and is wondering if not consistent with the idea of the father of having been deceived by the mother, as the Indians did not have colored eyes and that distrust of betrayal awakens the passions and wants to eliminate the product of treachery, handing it to the anaconda. Could it be that this anaconda that lives under the water represents the mother and the father denies paternity of the child be returned to the mother Racial stigmatization How can someone become gods Perhaps the symbolism of giving the daughter to the anaconda is a representative form of killing the fruit of betrayal, who returns from death as a deity.Could it be this version closer to what many scholars of the myths say that hides the story, the murder that is built on a culture. In the story 2, the version is no less similar to 1, meaning that the green-eyed girl who is predicted to be born is a bad omen and had to be sacrificed when born. What is new in the story is this look in the reflection in the lake to attract the snake that inhabits the lake and create death and destruction. In this version of regression to the primary mirror relationship, bringing death and destruction. Her father separated and protected from this prophecy, which resembles the Oedipal version, placing guards, and hiding in a secret place, most not even protection of the father managed to save her from the lure of a return to the womb, the maternal lake , which engulfed and became the object “the anaconda” that was inflated so that exploded and brought destruction to the community.The story says the threat of maternal attachment that does not allow individuation but the self merges with the object model of what happens between subject and environment is not recognized merged separately and ends in death narcissism. But also, the story shows the fear of Oedipal tendencies of the father and daughter, it is necessary to protect the representatives superego, the guards. The story 3 shows the green-eyed Indian girl, but now these eyes are a good sign, so it was becoming a talisman for the community. It is not the bad woman as in earlier accounts but is saving women.This time is the mother who protects isolated mountain, perhaps showing the suspicion and rivalry maternal / filial, as she left the care of protective guards isolated from relationships with others, would be related to deprivation Oedipal However, given the situation of the conquest, the community put expectations on it to enter into talks with the conquerors, what kind of request will have done the community However, his charm and diplomacy were not enough to attract the conqueror and it was isolated in the mountains becoming Goddess, I saw her again for a rejection.

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Standards Work Project

It is important not just build any building, but also to make it qualitatively and correctly, or should be guided by regulations and state standards. To not have to alter the structure should not only properly design the project but also to agree the necessary documentation. Berkley may not feel the same. A set of activities carried out under the technical supervision, stands guard over the compliance with all building codes of the project, its timing, volume, quality and value. All work must undergo the process of monitoring for compliance with national standards adopted by the technologies of production, as well as the requirements of snip and gost. Technical supervision includes several different stages. Among them are: – to check the proper performance of construction work – supervising the compliance of materials, products, equipment, structures specified in the project – control of all executive work rules governing the storage of materials, tools and equipment – preparation of acts of the hidden works, interim acceptance facilities, as well as the tests – a procedure of acceptance of the project. Click Ian Sinclair for additional related pages.

Any kind of construction has specific features and is characterized by a certain complexity. The whole course of ongoing actions should be closely monitored. Effective oversight of the entire complex of works carried out only under special, sometimes very specific, knowledge in the field of construction. Trying to save on the rejection of the use of technical inspection leads to very unfortunate consequences. All the moments and milestones, incorporated in the project must be performed accurately and consistently. Otherwise, there is a greater likelihood that all the attached financial and human resources turn to ashes. In this situation, construction implemented correctly. Consequently, the object simply will not be accepted due to incompatibility of design data and consistent documentation. Contractor, which violates the construction regulations and Standards, as well as other generally accepted government Standards and norms must unconditionally comply with all requirements of the customer to eliminate detected violations.

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Genoa Commerce

CRISTIANO WALNUT GRADUATING OF the COURSE OF HISTORY OF the FIP (Integrated Facultieses of Ducks) its book ' ' The civilization of acar' ' , Vera Lcia Ferlini approaches at five great moments as if it developed this society and as it came form permanent traces in the same one. In the first chapter ' ' Sugar and civilizao' ' the author shows important questions that routes of commerce and forms of if getting profits of these new discoveries had taken the new Europe the search. In ' ' dynamics of descobrimentos' ' Vera Lcia approaches the main causes that had taken the Europe the new search commerce routes, causes these that if start for not the continuation of ' ' revivescimento' ' of the commerce in the Decrease Average Age, for the dissolvimento of the economy of the feudalismo before the mercantilism, beyond ' ' aggravation of the servile conditions, agricultural exodus, the alagarmento of markets of markets, the reinforcement of the bourgeoisie, the growth of cidades' ' , (p.11), these problems had provoked social crises, that had generated disorganization of the production, fomes, wars, plagues during century XIV. In the following century (XV) more problems had appeared as scarcity of currencies and monopolizao of the eastern products (spices), for the Italian centers of Genoa and Venice. All these new causes had made the European market search routes of commerce for products, consuming greater monetary flow and markets, this facilitated by the centralization of the power (the National Monarchies) of the end of the Average Age, constituting the mercantilism, that would have as accomplishment the establishment of colonies of which &#039 would have to be gotten great profits through the project; ' exclusive colonial' ' , This process of expansion had Portugal as pioneering. After the great discoveries the concern of Portugal it was of as to occupy Brazil, that in first the 30 years of this of the arrival of Cabral always was second plain for the Portuguese crown, in contrast to other nations that if interested very for the Brazilian territory, as the Frenchmen, these last ones had stopped soon friendship with the indians, with which they practised the trade of wood-Brazil for objects (mirrors, necklaces, etc.), but after the discovery of the precious metal Spain in its territory, the occupation of America took other routes and for Portugal ' ' to keep the domain on Brazil became, then, concern poltica' ' (p.14) and thus, ' ' she was necessary to explore new sources of riquezas' ' (p.15).

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German Aircraft

In March 1940, A. Antonov, who worked at the factory number 23 in Leningrad, was charged with developing an analogue of the German light aircraft Fizeler Fi.156. Working on the analog, which received the designation "aircraft number 2" (EYE-38), Antonov proposed a on the basis of its military cargo "plane number 4," distinguishing features of which were radial engine M-62 light fuselage and biplane cellule. Then rejected the idea of military aircraft, biplanes, but after the war Antonov returned to it again. In 1945, the OK Antonov, the deputy chief designer of OKB-115, addressed the Yakovlev aircraft design with a proposal of his own design and received his consent. The project "aircraft 4 "has been completely redesigned.

From the previous project there was only a biplane box. In March 1946, the Novosibirsk branch of OKB-115 was transformed into an independent OKB-153. Its chief designer was appointed Oleg Antonov. Main task was to develop new CB transport aircraft "T" with a motor-62IR. Developed in parallel with the agricultural version of the engine AL-21. The first prototype, designated Cxa, was built in 1947. August 31, 1947 test pilot AP Volodin first raised it in the sky. In December, the Air Force Institute began its state tests, which lasted until March 1948.

In July of that year resulted in testing a second prototype with the engine AL-21. 23 August 1948 under the designation of plane An-2 was adopted by the Air Force and for the supply of CAF. Mass production was organized at the factory number 473 in Kiev.

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