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End Construction

And so construction began. I will not describe to you the horror that I had to go through. Almost half the hotel courtyard was polluted with debris and piles of earth. Everywhere wandering workers, and on day vacation had to forget because of the constant noise of construction equipment. You understand that all my guests had departed, and those six months I worked at a loss. "But nothing! Soon, a pool, and to our hotel a long line up turn. After all, these beautiful bowls no one else in our region! "Meanwhile, the cost of my growing up.

The amount designated in the preliminary cost estimates have been long exhausted, and the end of construction still loomed in the distance. I knew that building – it unpredictable, but the extent of its unpredictability, I would not even know Where the previously required one bag of cement, to spend not less than three. Then the installer had left, and the foreman asked me to hire another more experienced and therefore more expensive. The architect that made a mistake in calculation, and said that you can leave everything as is, but better, of course, buy more reinforcement and to strengthen the walls of cups In general, I will not bore you with a long sad details of construction. I can only say that to finish the work I had to get into debt and tighten their belt. But I warmed one thought: "Soon, very soon swimming pools will be ready – and all change! "And it really has changed.

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Weight Loss

If you think that your problem of overweight will be resolved exclusively by controlling only the foods you swallow, breaded you are. Diets alone do not serve much, how you yourself may already have or you’ll be checking right?; except to end up taking more weight that even at the beginning due to the more than likely effect rebound. By how to lose weight eating: lose weight eating is based on solid scientific principles of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and holistic health; only if you are agreeing on a programme of lower weight with a multidisciplinary vision of the overweight, it is when really will have real chances of success in the short medium long term. 1 Lose weight without diet involves adelgazargradualmente, a healthy and lasting, to avoid the damn rebound effect; It is a process of learning fun and easy to carry; without starving, without weighing food, without calculating calorie/nutrients, without banning any food 2. Thanks to a diet and healthier lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, attitudes, beliefs), rebajaras not only weight, but it will also help you to improve your relationships with others and reduce even your level of stress, anxiety and/or depression 3. It focuses on your person as a whole; It starts by head, not by the stomach. You will help you to do the right thing more often without relying on hardship or sacrifice, new abriendote horizons of experience and since learning that is not centered on the substances, so no generates an obsession for food to reduce weight or leads to develop an unhealthy attitude towards food or exercise to lose weight 4. It is equivalent to take your future in your hands and not follow prisoner of the past; stop feel skeptical; You ensancharas your life rather than narrow-based restrictions is prohibited to banned, because you you rely on what you can do instead of what you can not do.

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Andean Community

Regardless of which one may be for or against the new proposal from magna carta of the Ecuador, one thing is clear. It’s a constitutional draft which introduces a number of developments in relation to the integration of diasporas in the national system. It is estimated that there are more than 20 million Latin Americans living outside their homeland and that there are about 50 million people of Latin American origin residing in North America, Europe and Asia. In the Americas there have been hundreds of constitutions but the Ecuadorian is the first Assembly elected members representing their respective diasporas participated in which in its wording. Six of them were nominated for Ecuadorians living abroad (2 for North America, 2 in South and Central America and 2 in Europe). Estimated that there are between 10 to 12 million of Andean living outside their homeland. This number is slightly lower than the of the almost 14 million Ecuadorians but more than 8 million bolivianos. Of itself implies that they might mean a number within the Andean Community of Nations bigger than one of its four member countries. The new Constitution to be voted on Sunday provides for creating a permanent base for the diaspora, something that, for example, if you have Italy. Colombia to date is the only country in the region that has a representative elected abroad, although it is only a Congressman to represent some 4 million expatriate Colombians. Peruvians vote abroad and comes discussed doing that the Congress of the Republic has two elected members by 2 to 4 million Peruvian expatriates. Brazilians, Argentines or Mexicans can also vote outside their countries, although Bolivia (who has between 10% and 20% of its inhabitants residing outside its territory) and Chile (the country from which was released after the coup of 1973 the first massive wave of immigrants to Europe) still does not give that right to their diasporas. Another novelty of this proposal of magna carta is allowing foreigners residing in Ecuador during 5 years power voting, although not the be elected, sew to the Yes entitled many foreign residents in local elections in Europe.

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Score Avtoinstruktora

Before a person who is going to comprehend the art of driving is always a choice of training method: driving school or private avtoinstruktor. Shall not discuss the pros and cons of these ways (a topic for another article). Just assume that the choice made in favor of avtoinstruktora. Now, there is still a difficult choice – selection avtoinstruktora. And not to be mistaken especially important here, because the quality of driving instruction depends on your driving future skills, which should help out in any difficult traffic situation. Just as the right to choose competent in all respects avtoinstruktora also possible to devote a separate article. I will mention only a few tips.

Be sure to visit the web directories avtoinstruktorov, where there are vast. Read what he writes about himself avtoistruktor that write about this avtoistruktore his former pupils. Prepare some questions to avtoinstruktoru detail and try to talk on the phone. If part-time acquaintance with a man made a favorable impression – arrange a first lesson. At the same time insist on a time convenient for you and venue. Avtoistruktor gives you not very cheap service, and to adapt to the customer should he, and not vice versa. And now let's elaborate on how to make a final opinion on avtoistruktore already at the first lesson, and not in a situation where your driving skills, which he gave to let you down. First of all, to engage in tedious to properly prepare. Ask avtoistruktora that the need for first class.

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Schweinsteiger Gave

And, apparently, she liked the gift to her husband: a victory in a match shirt heartbroken Lampard and exit in the semifinals. As we all already know, June 27, 2010 at the World Cup by storm of emotion and noise of the fans team Germany met in a battle with the British. This is only the struggle has not turned out, the score of 4:1. But the press, cameras, photographers, commentators, and all 80,000 of thousands of fans missed one interesting, but a very touching moment, and only one fan, community of our site, captures the love "When the whole stadium was buzzing, some weeping with joy, others with sorrow of defeat. You may find that Thomas FIrestone can contribute to your knowledge. Noise laid ears, and I thought my ear ready to burst at any moment, but Germany won, and I was not before. Soul singing, vocal chords and bursting on the site just could not sit still, I wanted to jump and shout to the whole world that I saw with my own eyes this game. At the stadium my seat was next to Sarah Brander, and I saw one beautiful picture, which made me think about that football is not just a ball game, that's life! When the whole German team celebrated a victory, congratulating each other, players and fans in England were crying and trying to to comfort each other, I managed to capture the most beautiful woman amateur of the evening. In the Middle Ages there was a rule that the vanquished knight gets a prize horse and armor of the vanquished knight, and Schweinsteiger and Lampard exchanged shirts.

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Often car owners spend the most time behind the wheel. That is why it is important that the driver was most comfortable in the car. And here, of course, can not do without such elements as the auto sound. Because music always accompanies the driver on the road and not give him bored. It is very important to choose a reliable device that will not fail and will provide an excellent background sound. As a key element of a system such as auto sound performs music player, which is selected in accordance with what format you prefer: cd, MP3 or dvd.

And maybe you will choose a multimedia device that can reproduce all formats. It is worth noting that each such device has its own peculiarities as to use, and in terms of sound quality. Choosing a player is guided only by their feelings and perception of sound. After you choose the player must take care of the acoustics. All speakers can be divided into two groups: component and coaxial. In the first case, the components are installed separately, which allows adjust the desired sound level in accordance with your expectations.

The effect of such a system comparable to the acoustic scene. In addition, speakers may be wide-band multi-band. In the multiband provides the highest quality sound, because here the frequency spectrum is divided into several bands at once, so you can play each strip separate loudspeaker. Add bass to the musical sound will allow the subwoofer. They too are divided into two main types: freernye and corpus. The latter type is installed in the car as a finished product. Autosound greatly benefit from the installation of special amplifiers. In variety of devices will help you understand the specialists that are available in every store, carries out a similar technique. Only quality items will allow you to create auto sound great.

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Gelendzhik Quay

Or you liked the kind of tour for the day, and you go there without a problem, not thinking that disappear paid for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually it turns out that if you are at rest in motels or guest houses, more than half paid for 'feeds' you are simply lost. You do not want to go back to the beach for lunch, then went on a sea voyage, the spree in the park or a extreme attractions go on tour of the wine tasting, and maybe go to an extreme excursion by jeep or look at the dolmen. Do have something in Gelendzhik, and almost anywhere you can easily have a meal in cafes, canteens, restaurants, in the open air. A third advantage – no attachment to a particular place. Almost all B & Bs and motels are small pebbly beach, and many are not very comfortable beach.

Living in a pension you will either have to walk only on this beach, or to pay for beach access nearby boarding house, or walk quite a distance to other beaches. If you relax a savage, you can think in advance what beach you are interested in and find accommodation close to this beach. Do you like, sandy beach – please, like gravel – no problem, like a wild beach – easily. Again, with no attachment to place and time you can not problems to live first in one spot, then move to another, or just travel around to different beaches, staying in new places almost all day and returning to a place of shelter for the night. Although the night in Gelendzhik also have something to do. Gelendzhik Quay at night – the most populous and fun place. Now, regarding the deficiencies. The first – you may have to get to the place, as well as by select housing, many are not interested.

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A symbol is an external, visible and tangible sign of an inner spiritual reality the signs and symbols we are as necessary as the air we breathe while we we journey by taking the opportunity of life which has been granted to us, and we interrelacionamos with other pedestrians that pass through this planet Earth in different countries that integrate it, we must know that we are always identified and making use of signs and signals in all aspects that provide us with information and we must take them into account; Since then, there are signs that must be respected even within what is legal to avoid us penalties, bad time, punishment, as well as to signs, signs that the man has given life through time, from generation to generation according to their beliefs, but especially anything interrelated with faith, beliefs, religious practices, allowing you to somehow identify with the religious group, ideology with which we are identified. Jose Miguel Odero gives us in this regard, which is called symbol to something material, sensitive and perceptible, thanks to some social Convention leads us to represent another distinct reality all religions, ritual spiritual, rely on signs and signals, according to as its members have them defined and accepted, each of them when they were created, designed, accumulated many teachings, identifications and interpretations, which are only covered with those who are identified with them. Humberto Cardenas Rodriguez gives us about it, that the signs are the physical elements capable of representing an object, idea, or concept other than itself, that dark clouds are sign of rain, or a grimace is a sign of pain. The symbols are elements created artificially with the same function. Thus, transit, a figure in a gate signal, are symbols, since their relationship with what they indicate is more or less arbitrarily determined. The signs can be understood by human beings and animals; the symbols do not.The symbols, Although they faithfully express the idea that want to express, they are not that idea, they are the way, the skin that covers the idea, the spirit of the thing represented.

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Project Management

Since January 1, 2013 supports Christian Vandreier (32) the Bremer brand agency pepper as a project manager red. Most recently, he worked as a consultant in the field of search engine optimization, E-Commerce and online marketing at inter wall, a full service agency. Here he was in charge of customers, such as TUI, teapot or also airberlin in project management. Before moving back into the marketing and advertising industry, Vandreier worked Eventim AG. for several years in the entertainment industry, including as Assistant Operations Manager fansale at the CTS The trained engineer experience advertising agency as client Advisor in several advertising agencies such as Bultmann Werbeagentur GmbH or the mosquito in recent years. He oversaw clients such as Sparkasse Bremen and the car park operator Brepark. As a lecturer in the vocational school in Bremen, Christian Vandreier has also given marketing courses.

With its online marketing expertise, Christian Vandreier is a great addition for red pepper. I look forward to joint projects that successfully grow our agency in the future”, says da Bajric Hegemann, Managing Director of red pepper. At red pepper I can integrate my experience of online marketing in the very exciting field of NEUROMARKETING. Here synergies can be created, providing a highly efficient brand management”, says Christian Vandreier and is one of the reasons to have decided for the Bremer brand agency called thus. About red pepper the owner-managed corporate identity agency red pepper was founded in 2000 in Bremen. The 20-strong team to d Yadav Hegemann and Jan Weller has specialized in neuroscience branding and designed brand strategies and communication solutions for customers of various industries including energy and health care industry and the logistics industry. Emphasis is the Agency in the business-to-business communication.

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Project Management Jury Decision

Deutsche Telekom and Volkswagen AG plant Kassel in the final Nuremberg, July 25, 2013 the jury of DPEA German project excellence award has chosen this year two project teams to the finalists in the contest for the best project in Germany. They fight for the title of the winner for excellent project management 2013. The winner will be announced Forum on the evening of the PM on the 29th of October in Nuremberg. The two project teams were chosen from numerous applicants. The finalists of the DPEA have demonstrated that they have excellent run a project, in relation to the applied project management as well as on the results of the project. A detailed application, individual evaluations by the DPEA assessors, the presentation of the project by the project manager, as well as an place visit of the assessors for the teams was preceded the attainment of Finalistenstatus.

Finally, there were also two jury meetings, in which the projects were critically assessed and discussed. Since 2008, Deutsche Telekom is working on services for electronic reading of electricity, gas and Water meters of the utilities. This so-called smart metering includes the readout of data as well as the transport of the raw data to contractors such as RWE. “In August 2010, the Telecom has the program smart metering rollout phase III” started to build of a nationwide operating program organization. This ensures the uniform and standardized implementation of installation jobs. In addition, the programme team has quality indicators described and introduced a new IT solution. Thus the system reads automated the key figures. Until the end of 2012, Telekom has realized 38 projects with nearly 30,000 meters on this smart-metering platform. On the Volkswagen Kassel site, a process of change in the interplay between the staff, the organizational and technological conditions of the work and the future innovations offering will take place for seven years.

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