Month: October 2013

Implicit Advantages

The crisis has long passed, and some are very successful businessmen still continue to complain about its impact and to justify slowing down the development of their own companies. Excuse can be arbitrarily, only to catch up gone forward will then extremely difficult, if not more so. The material we have prepared based on the experience of many companies, especially foreign ones, and sent it to those who are already moving forward. I think no one would accuse us that we are interested in working with successful companies, much nicer to calculate the future path of development, rather than get out of the credit hole. However, do not need to be a shark business in order to distinguish one from others are quite predictable.

Even in the midst of crisis and financial analyst firm Sageworks published research data to identify the most profitable business: the top six “lucky” four positions are occupied by variety of medical areas, which is to be expected – these businesses are the providers of basic services – you’ll always see your doctor and buy the necessary medicines. The next group of potentially successful business – a company specializing in the implementation of household and personal care products. They come on the heels of related activities related primarily to the heat treatment, maintenance mining companies.

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Lawrence Kelemen

In this way are building a false view of situations and people ranging to finish both hurting in his dealings with other people as in their real goals (3).The vision of each one of us, is not more than our own reality of how we perceive what happens to us, is why there is always so many views of the same matter, each projected his vision of the issue. Why sometimes we place ourselves in the place of others to understand them, especially with our couples and children.Must not paralyze us with new situations, why is it worse to paralyze us to make mistakes and learn from them, for that failure is temporary and surrender is permanent (anonymous).Experience is not what happens to a person, but what that person does with what happens (Aldous Huxley.)While each of us have a mission, we are here to make this world a dwelling place of God, so in addition to our own reality, this collective work to achieve our best potential, at the same time supporting those who are around and learn from them, another phase of life then this in giving and receiving, Judaism promotes living in community and not isolated. Thus, light the way for others and they one, perhaps is why we are so different, instead of using our differences to see who has reason, use them to complement us and learn, imagine that all were equal and we liked the same thing, the same profession, the same place, the same ideals. One of the wonderful things of life is many things and beautiful places, so many people, so many varieties of professions and specializations, readings, art, science, so much to learn, so much to do, both because of that be.That life is about building bridges and not barriers, make friendships and no problems, save and not delete, identify with the pain of another and rejoice not, correct and not criticize, find solutions and not outputs, understand and not judge, love and not hate, respect and not imposing, open doors and not linking them, to learn and not envysupport and not to sink, illuminate and not overshadow, forgive and do not condemn, live and not survive, de’s make closure of situations in our life and not convert them to ballasts of by life, take initiative and not wait for others to persevere and not give up, build and not destroy, find your dreams that our attitude defines the situations work that seeding will reapto have faith, laugh dance that your rights end where it begins from each other, share giving and receiving…It is that this is the life. Bibliografia:1.-illuminates a soul by Lawrence Kelemen2.-the Sufi Saint and the Executive by Robin Sharma3-the doors of the happiness by r. Zelig Pliskin4.

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Success Part

We know that achieving a goal implies a strong commitment, among many activities are changing our attitudes and behaviors, this is not a task for a few days, actually it is a lifelong process, but more soon begin to analyze the various personal conditions that we must take to achieve the life we want then more soon will happen internal and external changes that we crave. We then present some other qualities that need to be developed to have a life full of accomplishments. Controlled: People who cannot control their own impulses so hardly can control or influence others, then the successful person keeps calm in any situation, this ability is not easy, it actually requires years of practice to achieve a mastery of our emotions. Conversationalist: Wants to say that it is a person who likes to talk widely on strategies and solution of problems, but you must also have capacity for synthesis. Cooperator: Is the quality of people that focus on activities and in fact resolve a situation, this allows you to act with a great spirit of collaboration, which is essential, mainly on the activities in work teams. Creative: It is the ability to think beyond the obvious or existing, creativity is fundamental for the development of major projects, if we observe grades them success stories will notice that creativity has played a crucial role, now how achieve an excellent creativity? Creativity is a spiritual process, a connection with the forces creators of the universe, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt book are techniques of the power of the mind and how the creative universe process works by reading this book you will understand and apply how human creativity worksthen you will be in the capacity to achieve a super inspiration according to your ideas and goals that you want to develop. Retailer: People who focus on details usually seek perfection, then we must seek continuously those little things that they are then making big differences. Disciplined: A disciplined person is capable of great things, it is without doubt the discipline totally necessary to achieve success, discipline is the sum of a good amount of positive habits, then where we go then acquiring beneficial habits that we boost greatly. Patience: This is a virtue that not many people have, is that condition that most people renounce their dreams, only when someone is fully committed to something and with high levels of motivation is that you can generate a good dose of patience until achieving what you want. They may mention plenty of qualities that affect a person achieve success, no doubt that any party with an idea, with the burning desire to achieve something, is an internal flame that you not extinguished before no difficulty, it is an extraordinary engine that leads to continued action, is the thought focused only on the results, this is enjoy one deep motivation, in the book the secret of the power of goals shows us the steps necessary to make that determination and faith deep into the people who we want to be.

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Main article: Economy of Armenia
Until its independence, Armenia’s economy was based on the production of industrial chemicals, electronics, machinery, food processing, rubber and synthetic textiles, was also highly dependent on external resources. Agriculture contributed only 20 of Gross Domestic Product and 10 of employment before the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. The republic had developed a modern industrial sector, providing machine tools, textiles investments and other manufactured goods to neighboring republics in exchange stocks for raw materials and energy.
Armenian mines produce copper, zinc, gold and lead. Most energy is generated using imported fuel from Russia, including gas and nuclear fuel (for the only atomic power plant), the main domestic energy source is hydroelectric.
Centrico Yerevan in 2005. During a boom in construction has kept the economic development of Armenia funds in double digits. Like other newly independent states of the former Soviet Union, Armenia’s economy suffers from the legacy of a centrally planned economy and the disruption of former Soviet trading patterns. The Soviet investment in and support of Armenian industry has virtually disappeared, so that few major companies can still operate. Furthermore, the effects of the 1988 earthquake in Spitak, which killed over 25,000 people and investment manager left 500,000 homeless, are still being felt. The conflict with Azerbaijan over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh is not resolved. The closure of the Azeris and Turkish borders has devastated the economy, because Armenia depends on outside sources of energy and most raw materials. Land routes through Georgia and Iran are inadequate or unreliable. The GDP fell by almost 60 from 1989 to 1992-1993. The national currency, the cup, suffered hyperinflation for the first years after its introduction in 1993.
However, the government could do the vast economic reforms that paid off in dramatically lower inflation and steady growth. you can learn much from the business acumen of who recently authored an article for the internet site, The Daily Beast The 1994 ceasefire in the Nagorny Karabakh conflict has also helped the economy. the CEO of , is another one of the asset management activities involving Armenia has had strong economic development since 1995, built at the turn which began last year, and inflation has been negligible for the past several years. New sectors such as precious stone processing and jewelry manufacturing, information technology and communication, and even tourism are beginning to supplement more traditional sectors returns in the economy such as agriculture.
This steady economic progress has gained increasing support from international institutions of Armenia. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other international financial institutions (IFIs) and foreign countries are extending considerable grants and loans. Loans to Armenia since 1993 exceed 1.1 billion dollars. These loans are aimed at reducing the budget deficit, stabilizing the currency, which become private businesses, energy, agriculture, food processing, transportation, and health and education and rehabilitation course in the earthquake zone. The government joined the World Trade Organization on February 5, 2003. But one of the main sources of foreign direct investment remains the Armenian diaspora, which finances major parts of the reconstruction of assets infrastructure and other public projects. Being a growing democratic state, Armenia also hopes to get more financial aid from the Western world.
In June 1994 a law was passed in favor of liberal foreign investment, and in 1997 adopted a law on privatization, and a program on privatization of property in the state. Continued progress will depend on the government’s ability to consolidate management of their macroeconomic, including collection of revenue growth, improving the investment climate, and making great strides against corruption.
In 2005 the international bill of transparency of the ICC (index of reviews of corruption), Armenia align 88 (in a range of 1 to 158), continuing as one of the least corrupt among the CEO former Soviet republics. According to the human development report 2005 of the UN, Armenia has a human development index (HDI) of 83 (with a range of 1 to 177) the highest among the Transcaucasian republics. In the 2006 Index of Economic Freedom, Armenia align better The Daily Beast the 27th, tied asset management with Japan and ahead of countries like Norway, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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Disaster In The River

This night I lost sleep. was not because of grilinho that it insists on grilar in my window all the nights. This night I nor perceived the cricket, I find that until it he was in I silence. I did not obtain to stop to think about the suffering of the mothers who had had its children died without reason some, I did not obtain to stop to think about the agony of the parents whom they waited the news of its children seriously wounded, and did not obtain to stop to think what it takes a person to take off the life of innocent children. I absolutely do not understand nothing of psychoanalysis, nor of these insanities that can take off any judgment of a person. I know that this already happened in other countries, but when it is in our callus, aches more, well more! I am not here for judging this man, knows if there if it was sick or not, he knows if there if it made this conscientiously or not, it is alone that he made me to this to think made, me to think very and to review many of my concepts. After this fact I really do not know more if I believe God.

I always believed that our destination was programmed, and that god chose optimum for us, exactly that at the moment we found that was not. But sincerely I do not see god reason to have chosen this destination for these children, sincerely I I do not find that to leave the life so early, the cost you are welcome, either one provide divine, exactly because I I do not want to believe this, my god was good and never he would make this. This takes still me to think what we are making with our society, what we are making with the world. As if it was not enough to kill, of washed face, the environment, now we are killing we ourselves, and now it is literally. I am asking still me as that man obtained two pistols so easy (as if he was difficult in these parents). This easiness of if obtaining armament, for contrabands, maracutaias, my god tie police it there this involved one in this! We are hostages of the fear, we are thinking about our children and children in the school, the street, house! It does not have safe place more, does not have more reason for a crime, this if became random and banal! My god (), I never feared in such a way, I never distrusted in such a way, never I had as much fear of living! How society is this my god! At last, I do not want here to condemn the shooter, do not want here to criticize some authority that would have to be responsible so that it was not armed, does not want to consider ideological changes, because I know that nothing of this it goes to advance. I am only tired and I want here alone to lament the occurrence, to lament that it goes to continue occurring, to lament that let us have fond of such point, and to pray so that does not happen with me and nor with my family.

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European Championships

At the European Championships in fact "won" among decent, but the Dutch. But he won it the big question? Dutchman Hiddink, the Dutch won the (very weak, the beat is very strong). Why do not they have played, or rather pretended to be "played" for many a mystery, although it may not (Dutch footballers themselves under different prepositions evasion). With the Spaniards, our Dutch (even with an influential friend), perhaps more difficult to negotiate and they played with us, just as in training. That when it was added skill? How were mediocre level remained.

Play dirty, skilful players virtually none. And so the whole game is built on rudeness (what to do if there is no technology and class, and with orbitrami possible and to agree to turn a blind eye) and not by chance after playing with Russian team high injury, and therefore do not like to play with us. "The whole country is sick today "-Shouting speakers. You are mistaken, at best, the fourth part. And three-quarters of the population with terror "waiting" match with Slovenia, to be exact kashmarnye night, when the rude primitive community and the expanse of the Russian madness, very reminiscent of the ancient African tribes (most do not pull) and except to cause more rancor can not do anything in normal people. Do what you want and no laws prohibit.

The fans broke up all the fans and sports commentators of the soul in them significantly. Well, what does that stupid facial expressions, anything that does not dry out that insanity rarer leaves them. Feeling that they are just getting some pride. On the background of their Hiddink is definitely a historical figure. Caught in a weak subgroup of World Cup qualifying, one team (German) something to represent both losing the match, but that just did not hear "we were the favorites to win were ( and can not stop). Came at a fairly mediocre Slovenia, losing and again Hiddink do with it, it is still well done. "We live where Well done, not the best, and praised and praise-then we can. The very first match with Slovenes, something like winning one goal in his field, which quickly cooled the ardor and excessive self-confidence of many who do not want to look at things really. After the second match, of course, blame the judge (Yeah, if , then we would not escape penalties that were fairly obvious, at least no one would have condemned orbitra, well, of course except for us). In Russian Sport adopted a loser to blame the judges. It's amazing, with Hiddink no nikokogo demand. Lose, are leaving, do not fall, and "legendary Mutko" begs him to stay because "the work of Hiddink happy with (someone satisfied?). Mutko himself to resign for what is happening in the sport. A different view is not welcome, corruption is obvious. Destroyed a bet on their own. Who are the leading players in our team, unfortunately bought? Came to the fact that neither team one his coach nor able to lead, not worthy. Players, as they say "with deep hangover", asked to stay, the Dutch trainer and not leave them, instead of apologizing for his "game" before fans. But who are you to determine who should be coach? Better treated for stellar illness and bad habits! They say that we had two lucky: Putin and Hiddink, but here's the first in recent times driven by smaller, but the second was quite unlucky. But in our country may not have any luck, neither aptitude nor the class, good enough backers. Igor Moskvin Krivopalov-

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Build Brick

Before the construction you have the question immediately arises of what material to build a house. But even with a large variety of materials, the priorities are left alone, and those same brick or wood. Let's start with the beginning of the houses and then consider a brick home. Wooden houses are cheaper than brick houses, the atmosphere in it, filled with pine aroma of wood from the forest, as well as bright colors of the walls will impress the indigenous inhabitants of the city. Wood – a material of low thermal conductivity.

The walls of the house longer keep warm in winter and a pleasant coolness in the summer. A consequence of this can be less than the thickness of walls in stone houses. And the big foundations do not have to do because tree has a light weight. The most important thing if you do not live in the house, that tree is much less 'vystuzhivaetsya' nezhili brick house, which allows faster and easier to heat it. The big advantage is also the fact that wood house 'breathes', ie located in space allows moisture to go outside. Disadvantages of wooden houses Wooden houses less expressive in terms of architecture. The material can be profiled timber or logs.

Well-treated wood surface can be coated with various paints and varnishes, to keep it long. Such coverage is necessary to update periodically. The main argument against houses made of wood is its low fire. But burning and brick houses and wooden. Only wooden houses is difficult to recover well and restore the brick house is very expensive, the price will be comparable to the cost of building a new wooden doma.Kirpichnye home Brick houses are durable and have high durability. Serve this house much longer than a wooden house, with no lose of performance and appearance. Thermal comfort in a house can only provide a greater thickness of the walls. A common factor in the choice of brick is that the brick 'is off'. Indeed brick does not burn in the fire but it loses its strong properties, and as we know if heat the stone and then it abruptly cool it will crack. Therefore, the most important thing in this matter – the reliability of electrical and heating networks. Buildings made of bricks are better able architecture allows to embody design fantasies with a variety of forms and expressiveness. The advantage of the construction of brick houses is a huge selection of wall decoration. This can be stucco, etc. Disadvantages houses made of brick. The main lack of a sufficiently high price in comparison to wooden houses. Brick houses 'do not breathe' as wood, and if you do not live there, on arrival you will feel damp and cold. What would be needed to heat a brick house not one day. And that would avoid this, keep warm in a house automatically.

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Hotels UAE

In the United Arab Emirates a wide selection of hotels to suit every taste. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Foods. In some of the hotels you would not be caught, you wait for the comfort, warmth, friendly atmosphere and high quality service. After all, with the development of tourist services in the country a large number of new modern hotels. First it was a simple building with no special architectural excesses. Now in terms of aesthetics, uae hotels are a great artistic value. Some even considered a monument of modernism. And the quality of service will not leave indifferent even the most demanding guest. And who is uncomfortable in a large spacious building, can rent a small villa with garden somewhere on the coast.

Hotels in uae annually pass the international certification – and claimed the number of stars exactly meets the conditions provided by the hotel. Huge selection of entertainment in the uae, hotel and restaurant service is generally one of the most upscale in the world. Many hotels in the uae have everything you need for horse riding, water sports, archery and, of course, diving. None of the hotels you will not have "Hardship transfer" – along with Arabic, the official language of the country is and English. In addition, many hotel staff speaks in Russian. Naturally, the best service await you at a higher level – but even hotels in one to two stars provide a decent quality of rest. The best hotels in the UAE: hotels, located on the coast of Dubai (Jumeirah elite), Ajman , Coral Beach in Sharjah and , Le Meridein al Aqqa in Ras al-, Fujairah.

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Gregg Braden

We have so many other things to worry about. Question: There are new findings to show that we can think of time as one essentially follows the same rhythms and cycles that govern everything from the particles to galaxies? We can think of these things that happen in time and place within the cycles? Gregg Braden: The basic point is that time is essentially a wave that is moving in one direction. Right now it is moving from the present to future. So, the seeds for things that are happening today and events like the 2012 which are still going to happen have already happened in the past. If we know Where noted in the past, this gives us an idea of what to expect in the present and the future. Waves of Time follow natural rhythms, cycles and natural progressions.

This means we can measure, calculate and predict when the seeds – the conditions – for an event will happen again and again. This means that we can take the year 2012 calculated in reverse, using the natural rhythms to the times in our history when the seed was planted in 2012. Noting the seed, we can determine when the patterns and events that will happen in 2012 were set in motion. We go to the geological record to see what was happening then on the planet. Or we can go to the archaeological record to see what was happening to the people to give us a really good idea of what to expect for these next few years.

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It is at that moment when the process becomes automatic and you drive without thinking, already all brains Act based on same order. Emotional freedom techniques or self-help techniques can currently be used in imnumerables circumstances of our lives, these techniques can help us in cases such as: allergies, weight loss, depression, Anorexia, fears and phobias, pain, etc. But in this case specific want to help you to make you free you once and for all your tobacco addiction. Maybe when you were child (a) you said, escuchastes say to someone or leistes in a tale of real life the phrase never say can’t, as well with this expression we can decipher that from many but many years ago knew the power of the mind and not the minds of those people having the power, notIt is your mind, it is my mind, the mind of each individual is that has power. That is what you have to do to capitalize on that inner strength you have?, simply must acquire the knowledge necessary to channel it and take everything the provecha beneficial that we have that strength, that is a force that was born with you and only your can address it. If you liked this article and are one of the people who want to change to live more healthy years saying I stop smoking, be sure to visit us at o thanks for your time.

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