Month: January 2015

Germany Wide Hire Of Stretch Limousines For Rent-A-Limo

Recently the famous limousine service operates Rent A Limo throughout Germany. Recently the famous limousine service operates Rent A Limo throughout Germany. So far the offerings of the rent-A-Limo limousine service were reserved for customers from North Rhine-Westphalia. The service provider has now spread its presence on all over Germany. Thus letting in all 16 federal States the customer, to be able to rent limousines in high quality. At all pick-up locations are already highest customer orientation in the focus of the staff as usual.

The fleet includes vehicles for every taste from the stylish sedan up to the fancy limousine. The customer can choose not only between different vehicles, but also according to color and purpose. Ideas rent a white Stretch limousine for a wedding earlier took over a carriage is what for many prospective couples: it makes the day simply unforgettable. Rent A Limo stresses that there are countless possibilities and events, to the limousine service to rent a vehicle. It is particularly popular with businesses to rent a limousine to take for example a city tour that earned employees as an incentive. The business extension of rent-A-Limo, this is now possible, as in Hamburg or Munich in Berlin. It has been that a such incentive remains significantly better remembered as a monetary bonus employees and increases the motivation in the long term proven in numerous studies.

Of course, there are still other reasons to hire a such stylish and extraordinary luxury. The Managing Director of rent-A-Limo reported sons who really want to spoil your dear MOM for mother’s day and pick them up with an elegant saloon for lunch. For those who do not live in the same place, it is very convenient that the limousine service is now available everywhere from North to South and from West to East. The services is different from Rent A Limo in Lower Saxony, Germany is not from the service in Bavaria and Brandenburg. The limousine service aims to convince customers with highest quality, well maintained vehicles and top-trained staff. High flexibility and easy accessibility make possible quick last minute gifts.

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Bike Racks New Trading Of WSM In The Sales Programme

Guess everyone noticed the small practical bicycle parking systems. Practically in the handling, small in space use and well into the benefits that applies of course also on these products. Advertising display specialist dealer from Erfurt, Germany Erfurt introduces new products of WSM Walter Samuel b Metallbau GmbH from Waldbrol among other innovative kickstand for private and commercial use. WSM is one of the leading manufacturers for bicycle parking systems. WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET absorbs the entire WSM program in its portfolio. Everyone probably already noticed the small practical bicycle.

Practically in the handling, small in space use and well into the benefits that applies of course also on these products. Bicycles can be safely turned off and protected against theft. WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET has recorded a very wide and high-quality range of bicycle stands here in the offer. Whether for commercial, public or private use, our program includes the complete bandwidth for parking of bicycles. Bike racks are there in different variants for a wide variety of applications.

Bike racks and parking systems for use in the public space for commercial, industrial or public facilities: advertising bike racks wall systems Bodenparker Bogenparker Bugelparker Multiparker Standparker Wandparker bike racks and parking systems for use in the private sector for garage and basement: bike holder for wall and ceiling bicycle garage Hangeparker of Pedalparker wall bike racks and parking systems designed specifically for children’s bicycles and scooters for: children bicycle rack Rollerparker our offer bike racks are used in Commerce and industry, public institutions and authorities as well as in the private sector. The usage and the way of the bicycle rack are determined by various factors. All bike rack systems can be powdercoated in a desired colour according to the RAL table for each customer specifically. The bicycle parking systems are always stable, bicycle-friendly, space – and space-saving, can be extended by linking, elegant in design and functional in use. Benefit from bicycle stands for highest quality. Commercial bike racks – a perfect connection between bike racks and advertising space are a special highlight. The customers of the own business or your own company can be lured directly on the bicycle rack by advertising in the business. Switching the advertising message is made easy and especially inexpensively designed by interchangeable poster makers. A permanent message of your company, an offer or just a sign listed services of the business can be transferred so easily close the customers in the immediate vicinity of the own business as a bicycle rack has even the properties of pavement. WSM bicycle rack are best quality for a permanent usage, weatherproof designs, practical design and versatility. Bike racks in the program by Bike racks, visit WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET. World-of-displays.NET – authorized resellers for marketing, presentation and promotional displays author: Matthias Kopp

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Project Management Association

Certifications in project management are becoming increasingly important. Project management or project-oriented work is led always by companies as a key success factor to growth, to maintain innovation and efficiency in the company and increase. Accordingly also the project management are gaining certifications in the personnel development more and more. The professional competence of staff and employees are usually no longer sufficient to meet the requirements of the planning and implementation of projects. A sound project management certification is often already intended as a fixed component in the careers of employees.

While many large but also medium-sized companies rely on the internationally established project management standard of the IPMA (International Project Management Association) to a common understanding of key terms to ensure project processes and procedures of project planning and control. The IPMA is represented in Germany by the GPM (Deutsche Gesellschaft for project management). IPMA / GPM include certifications, training, publications, and development of standards in project management working in the areas of project management. There is certification detailed information on the subject of project management according to IPMA GPM in the greater Dusseldorf with German RTM, which certification can boast many years of experience in the field of project management as an independent service company. Here investors can obtain a comprehensive free advice about benefits, requirements, and conditions for admission to the project management certification to GPM IPMA.

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House Faraman

The ‘ Palace at the Lessing place ‘ in the State capital of Saxony-Anhalt is the latest project of the emission House Faraman. Magdeburg, 22.05.2013. The experienced project developer is been tasked KG by the owner, the MCM assets AG & co., to revitalize the venerable monument and make it usable as exclusive residence. To read more click here: Apartments in this Green and liveable area are currently very popular in Magdeburg. The proximity to the city, a variety of restored Grunderzeit houses and family-friendly infrastructure characterise the charm of this district. For years the unusually large House on place Lessing was the foreclosure.

Now, the once beautiful House on the square gets back its historical face. With an investment volume of EUR 3,4 million the city Palace will be used lavishly in stand. End of October 2013 is already provided, as construction begins the first tenant to 2014 can move into the House. The transformation of the property retains the valuable buildings with its detailed facade. The underwriter Faraman plans a total of 15 condos, in the historic object to implement distributed on four floors.

2 -, 3 – And 4-room apartments are planned between 54 and 134 square meters as well as a loft on the top floor with an area of almost 200 square meters. Today, the future residents on an upscale interior with underfloor heating, house technology, parquet and elegant stucco elements can enjoy. We use only premium brand products. Also each apartment receives a balcony or a terrace with views on the courtyard”, so Thomas Filor from the management of the emission House Faraman. For more information,

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Germanys Best Project Team Works

GPM gives DPEA German project Excellence Award 2012 Nuremberg, 26.10.2012 – the best German project serves the citizens security in Rhineland-Palatinate: introducing the BOS digital radio system for ambulance, fire brigade and police. A 40-member team of the Ministry of the Interior, for sports and infrastructure Rhineland-Palatinate provided 30,000 radios, built over 270 radio stations and made familiar to 90,000 users with the new wireless technology. Since then the blue light organisations relating”the country better. GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement Association named the Mainz team now to the best project team of in Germany. On the occasion of the PM Forum on 23 October 2012 in Nurnberg the GPM awarded the team the price German project Excellence Award in 2012.

At this competition, the Association annually seeks Germany’s best project teams with excellence in project management. GPM Board Gabriele Danzebrink praised the project management of this year’s winner. It had a complicated task for the introduction of digital radio to cope with. The construction of such high security networks is considered technically difficult challenge. So, the team had to bring together the expectations of partners and stakeholders. It has implemented different, opposing some of the interests in a common technical system.

In this vote of different requirements and wishes, the team has proven outstanding project management as Gabriele Danzebrink pointed out. Also, thanks to skillful control of the project, it has exceeded the budget by ten percent and adhered to all scheduled appointments. Also, the jury of the award noted a high level of satisfaction of the employees. There were three more project teams in the finals of the project management competition. A team of BWI Informationstechnik conducted an extensive IT project with a total volume of EUR 7.1 billion for the armed forces. The project under the name HERCULES integration is regarded as biggest IT project in the history of the Bundeswehr.

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