Month: July 2013

What To Know Before Buying A Franchise

Currently have a property such as a franchise is a great way to start and do business. A franchise generates approximately more than one million pesos in a very short time and they are an economic force for those entrepreneurs and of course also the employees employed in the same. The franchises are a great marketing system and a power for the economy, however many entrepreneurs or those who are beginning to dabble in the world of business have to ask how if a franchise can be cost effective and economical? To answer this question it is necessary to emphasize that the product that is going to sell or service to be offered are witty, original and above all that suits the needs of certain public or type of people. A franchise is profitable when there is a double benefit, by the company that owns both of the independent entrepreneur. The franchise can be fully profitable when the owner of the franchise granted to the independent businessman a license to sell their products or services in exchange for this the employer receives support and assistance to increase sales on the other hand is worth mentioning that there are economic franchises; However, is essential that we take into account various points to buy a franchise or become a member, since some franchises economic type usually tends to be more difficult to generate cash quickly. Because of this it is suitable for you in addition to taking into account this important aspect to also take into account the following: provide that despite having the support of the owner, the work of removing the franchise forward is liability of the individual entrepreneur know if mark is duly registered, since we make the risk of failing in the attempt. Know if there are more establishments within the city or in his case that cities are located these franchises asking about management and activities specific within the same leave clear what is the duration of the contract and the benefits of this review in detail the terms of supply and check that the product and this service in order legal set the prices of products and the same gain both for the owner as for the individual entrepreneur Finally you can take the decision to purchase and begin your business already. Original author and source of the article.

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The Truth Of The Greenback In Venezuela

In recent years the buying and selling of dollars on the parallel market of Venezuela result ah be big business, this has led to the price of the parallel dollar against the bolivar will increase at an alarming rate. Bold people, which in my opinion are nothing more than vulgar swindlers, have given to the task of getting dollars in any form, falling into a territory fenced to crime, to then sell them at exorbitant prices, which have reached more than three times its official value. Under this have arisen countless websites, such as and, which published the supposed price of the dollar on the parallel market.The truth is that before, when the company’s phones of Venezuela (CANTV) drove on the New York Stock Exchange price of the dollar was well defined, since people could buy shares of this company on the Caracas stock exchange, paying in bolivars and sell them in dollars on the New York Stock Exchange, this was what determined the known dollar CANTV. However, when this company happened to be handled by the Government Venezuelan closed operations in New York, which until that moment was how to measure the price of the dollar on the parallel market, the absence of this medium the webmaster, they began to wander off the price, publishing crude estimates of people who pursue personal interests.The worst thing about this situation is that the same exchange rate regulation system controlled by the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (CADIVI), in its effort to maintain control implements measures that go beyond reason, forcing Venezuelans who really we need dollars to buy them on the black market, and being forced to pay these high prices, buying them in pages like, where take away you a percentage in addition to the profits obtained by the purchase and sale of foreign currency to give you security in the transaction. The question that all us overwhelmed is when to end this situation.

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Virgin Rodzhestva

Even among the remarkable landscapes of the middle reaches of the Oka Velegozh neighborhood distinguished by their serenity and poetry. The village is situated high above the river at the edge of the river valley. Remained far below the silver surface water in sandy shores of the mighty and the age-old pine forest on the steep slopes of coastal green. Place and in fact, “large unseemly.” In the middle of the ancient village stands the church of Nativity, built in 1730. Already one such date, related to the beginning of the reign of Anna Ivanovna, the construction time of stagnation, on the one hand, and significant shifts in the evolution of architectural style – on the other, gives the monument a special interest. The church was built the owner Rural Velegozh Prince Ivan Yurevich Trubetskoy, nicknamed less, unlike his uncle, Field Marshal and the favorite of Peter I the Great I.

Trubetskoy. In 1730, as opposed to the supreme, both Trubetskoy (uncle and nephew) are online supported the restoration of autocracy, what Anna Ivanovna bestowed Prince Ivan Yurevich Less in chamberlains. The fact is significant, clarifying things. The patronage of the Empress gave the feeling Trubetskoy confidence, so rare in the era of tyranny of time-and unchallenged dominance of foreigners. Conceived and carried out in Velegozh construction that required resources and known trouble, gives us another proof strong position of the customer. It is also likely that Troubetzkoy personally oversaw the building itself and included in all of its needs. In any case, the opportunity he had.

As you know, Anna Ivanovna returned from Moscow to St. Petersburg only in 1732. In Moscow not only moved the royal court, not only the most important government agencies (the Senate, the Synod and the board), but significant architectural forces raised for the revival of the old capital. In addition to the St. Petersburg architects headed by F. C. Rastrelli in Moscow began its activities had returned to the time of Peter the Great’s foreign trip pensioners. Range of architects, to whom he could turn Troubetzkoy, was is quite broad. Yet on the whole Moscow architecture of the period which preceded the band almost complete stagnation of architectural life, bears the imprint of homebrew and a little naive meaningfully. These features a fully endowed architecture Church of the Nativity. The overall composition of the cross-shaped building centric designs date back to the late XVII century. Two tiers of windows octagon domed Church of the Nativity surrounded by single deck the altar and the aisles (refectory was rebuilt in the second half of XIX century.) forming a branch of the cross. Aisles completed chapters on stone drums, which at first sight even more in common with the best creations of the monument “Naryshkin baroque.” However, the image of Church of the Nativity is quite different. New warrant the principles of decoration more coarse pilyastrovogo style and proportions of the new system have left no trace of the vertical commitment and emotional richness of decorative architectural prototypes.

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ABIBOO Architecture Redefines Its Architectural Vision

From a global and multidisciplinary perspective, ABIBOO Architecture is focused on the pursuit of excellence in the international projects they develop. ABIBOO Architecture is an international Architectural and Design firm with headquarters in Madrid, New York and India whose philosophy promotes innovation and sophistication. Our designs are distinguished for our quest for excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the 21st century. ABIBOO Architectures vision is to improve people’s life and to inspire new generations to make their dreams a reality by creating Architectural spaces that represent and serve today s global and complex Society, by bringing innovation, excellence and personal care by an united international team of creative, passionate, dynamic, proactive, big thinkers. This vision is the result of years of professional experience and inmate research made by ABIBOO Architectures team. This is, definitely, a different and unique way to display a contemporary philosophy of life applied to architecture.

ABIBOO Architecture consists of an international team with more than 15 years of experience in architectural and sociological innovation and research that accumulate more than 3 million square feet built in projects throughout the world and with construction budgets in excess of 6,000 million dollars. ABIBOO Architectures team is composed of project managers, directors and/or architectural partners, such as SOM, Toyo Ito, Richard Rogers, Herzog & de Meuron, Abalos & Herreros and field Baeza Architects among other prestigious international firms. ABIBOO Architecture is committed to an architecture capable of providing answers to the challenges of the contemporary and globalized world we live in by bringing new value-added models, and multiple ways to innovate in any cultural context workplace. ABIBOO Architecture seeks to redefine architecture through innovation and uniqueness in the services they provide, ensuring to strict quality control and providing one-on-one attention to their clients by a total involvement and by sharing a high passion for the arts and sophistication as well as for the protection of our environment, the new construction techniques and technological innovation. More information in: Spain – Madrid C / Breton de Herreros 61, 1-D, Madrid, 28003 T: + USA – New York 328 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 T: + 1.201.855.9157 India – Chennai 9 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai, 600034 T: + 91.9962064626 author: Pilar Esteban, Head of communications of Markarte ( About ABIBOO Architecture ABIBOO Architecture is an international Architectural and Design firm with headquarters in Madrid, New York and India whose philosophy promotes innovation and sophistication. Our designs are distinguished for our quest for excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the 21st century.

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Republicans McCain

They will today vote half of members of the two major U.S. Parties. The Democrats be borne in 22 States and in the diaspora (in 16 of them through internal elections and 7 of them via assemblies or caucus). The Republicans will do the same in 17 internal and 4 caucus. Within the Republicans McCain has much advantage. Favors you that all the moderates in his party have joined behind him (while the religious right is divided) and that the winner (which aims to be him) would be with all the delegates in larger States (California and New York).

Former pastor Huckabee still in race but only a divine miracle could catapult him. He does not want the mormon Romney cale within his evangelist electorate and would also be awarded by McCain becoming his vice. McCain is close to the age of 82 and in the 2,013 he might want to inherit his position. The Democrats have a more complicated choice because they have proportional representation and because Obama has been removing ground to the Clinton. He enrostra him to it by continuing to support having invaded Iraq and wants him to remove the latino vote (which is one of its pillars) showing how she, unlike yours, has renounced asking for illegal aliens to have professors. Hillary, on the other hand, boasts of having more experience and to establish free universal social insurance, that Obama only wants to give in a partial manner, despite the fact that she in the mandate of his wife not implemented.

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