Month: March 2013

Econductor Driver

Internet is part of our daily lives and therefore, as drivers perspective is influenced by Internet. It has created a new profile, the e-conductores. It is a new reality and we know the advantages. What it makes us to be an e-conductor? The e-conductor, before entering the car, uses the Internet to know the weather forecast, the traffic situation, the way shorter or more fast, updating the GPS mapping. But the Internet is also a very useful tool and that makes the e-conductor, makes a much more aware and experienced user. It is a user 2.0 participates in forums about relative to engine, geolocate your vehicle, collates before they choose car insurance and uses digital signature to close your policy. Brands of automobiles, workshops or insurance companies are allied to a digital generation created in the network of networks, and know the contact form required by e-conductores. Knowledgeable about are the opportunities given them. The connection between members and their companies creates advantages for both parties. Between the new realities the creation of new insurance 2.0, a fully customized to the needs of each user. In addition, could be to have the delivery of a part of personalized support from Internet? It may seem paradoxical, but there are formulas to achieve it. Some insurance companies make it as simple as a single click of mouse. For example, we have found insurance Verti, a young company, which will offer this type of online car insurance.

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Tagus River

Nevertheless not let me scare. I thought, if I just break, I already fix with glue then but today I run and pass. So I ran and spent! First phase, testing physical mission accomplished! Now came how easy. Examination type test of the chosen profession. Me I browsed masonry (knew enough level pawn by having spent some seasons doing such, by issue of pasta). Peeeeero when I saw the review with the twenty questions with four possible answers, I saw that he did not know any! -Aaaaaaaaaah, this cannot be! Took the questions of architectural books, it was a meltdown among Masons. Everyone gave me soups with wave in terms of practical knowledge, because it was his profession, but clear a bricklayer does not study books to be, learn the craft in the Tagus River, this was an ambush! Good! I went back to calm me and I said to myself, it is clear that by pure chance some could hit so I started to be used, the etymology, the deduction, the reductio ad absurdum and any other trick of that nature to answer them all (not detracted failures nor the without) (response, was another era).

He knew that he could have succeeded, but it was a rare feeling, leaving a review without having any certainty of what you have done, knowing that in the worst case you can have successful some, although you do not valieran to approve, and at best get even note. In any case he had to take a five to pass and move and each of twenty was counted as point. Zumbao I went home and I threw in iron on encyclopedias and dictionaries had (of course, not there Internet), to see that con. He had done in the examination.He had successful ten – Fiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu! -Got five! I had four bad, and the rest I couldn’t find anything, so you could skip anything, but my goal was achieved, which was the main thing.

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Egypt Hotel

Transfer to the hotel was 40 minutes. The bus was carrying at the two hotels, and our was the first. On the way to guide talked about Egypt, gave helpful advice. Upon arrival, came with us, helped to fill in the card settlement, said, when waiting for a representative Anex Tour, working at our hotel. We settled quickly and without problems (though at the reception I gave $ 5 just in case, as many gave more. But once he realized that you could not give – all well settled.) Us gave room near the reception (but not in the same building) overlooking the pool (I asked) and on the ground floor. The room had two beds wide (forty-meter wide). After 5 minutes and rolled another folding bed.

So the four of us accommodated quite comfortably. Standard rooms are very large, very comfortable and clean. The room – a refrigerator with two bottles of water, safe, television, hair dryer, electric kettle, tea bags and coffee, tea, dried cream, sugar and sweeteners. Phone not only in the room on the bedside table, but even in the toilet. Around large, comfortable mirror. The rooms on the upper floors – balcony.

We also had a nice terrace with table and chairs, overlooking the soft grass with klumbochkami, trimmed bushes and trees. Most striking in this hotel – the territory. Place a lot, around palm trees, flowers, trimmed bushes. Grass is very thick. Children love to wallow in it. Large pools (7 items) – two heated (the children are just not vytyanesh), two with salt water.

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The Daily

For the homosexuals, one of the main advantages of if frequenting environments LGBT is in the fact to allow a bigger approach between people, what it becomes the place a way of involving personal propagation, since makes possible the sharing. This, however, if of the one for the fact to have here, group of people who take care of to the specific interests of the human being in sociability terms, a time that the individuals need ones the others for a bigger social interaction, what it is resultant for the promotion of the social bow. This bow is kept through the forms for which the freqentadoras of these places if communicate collectively. It is a form with that the lesbians if make entire socially, a time that the social interaction is the base of the social life, therefore is at this moment where it has exchanges to know and experiences. This social interaction is based on the logic that the style of life of the homosexuals is total opposing to that one had as traditional, that is, an alternative style of life. The practical homosexuals only pass to be faced as a simple form of refusal of the model of traditional life, pautado in the social values where he has a supervaluation of the heterossexualidade and a inferiorizao of the homossexualidade. For this reason he is that, in this environment, the lesbians integrate a had scene as a moment where the same ones long for.

They live deeply the moment as ideal form of treatment waited in the society in affective and sexual terms. At this moment, them they abandon the conventions of the daily one and start to try a reality where all meet integrated in one same platform, without differences. This occurs because this space is seen as acolhedor environment, where is possible to express feelings, without the discriminatory looks if present.

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Quite to the contrary, we see egoism excess. Giving itself well in first place. The sex without the true meeting of the body. The displicncia in the touch. The complication in uncurling of something simple, (that old briguinha for nothing). The feeling of ownership in the relation. The diffidence. This is Love? These are its attributes? Plato saw the Love as something that if carries through for the directions.

You who make the Idea of it you feel, it. The true Love, therefore, is of ' world of ideias' , of the Real world. It is the Love for the Idea. It does not have necessity to participate of it. What it does not want to say that it is impossible! As many people assume. It is possible yes, for the Ideas.

He becomes fullfilled yourself in it. Exactly that let us not can ' he touches-lo' , however, we can feel. The physical beauty, for example, properly said, ' not existe'. See we it as something admirable par excellence, but, it is only one Ideal. Not by chance that he varies of person for person. ' Who loves ugly pretty it parece'. It remembers? For more strange than it can seem, when somebody says in Amar, this love only must be understood as the search of the Love. Therefore, the true Love does not compete in them. It only belongs in them as Ideal what it does not want to say that is Real. Sad to disappoint them! Imperfect beings as we, are incapable To love with Perfection. This, only is part of our imaginary ideas. Of ludus, Latin: playful. Unhappyly, this ' Ideal' (Love) it appears in our society as Merchandise. The beauty is a body without ' alma'. Soon to use and to be discarded. The desire is for the amount of relations and not for the Quality. It is the cult to ' body bombado' e, depression! Sadness, dissatisfaction, inadequao. Few people understand that ' we are not born loving, we learn Amar ' (Simone de Beauvoir). E, TO LOVE has that to be that not to feel and to idealize. It has that necessarily to be practised by intermediary of our actions. The dream already finished makes time. as to live without this illusion? The Love, Of the Love! Of the Love? Ah! You Love? It is identified, is justified, if thus it will be possible. ' ' He is eccentric to notice where situation a presumption love dies. However, when it starts the convivncia tends to finish. It would not have to be the opposite? If the least we knew what we feel would help a little ' '

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