I imagine that it ordered you here to the Bira. I know that it encircling walks me, to finish with me, but for love to a person that I knew, I am here today. KADU? Person who you knew! Who? BAD? Jesus. pardoned me to It, knows. It delivered its life for me. He made wonders in my life. I have a family. I have a job.

I am of vacation and I decided to come back here in this quarter, stimulated for the love of God to speak of the good things that It made and makes for us. I want to see my safe friends and enemies. Today I am not more the Maurinho, the Bad one, am the Mauro, simply Mauro. It is a little here, it hears what I have to speak to you and I promise that I will go with you. KADU? To enrrolar he does not try me or I finish with you here and now. (Silence) In the Mauro truth I do not want this life in return pra me.

MUSIC in surrounding sound BAD? in mimic it starts to speak of Jesus and Kadu if it converts and it hugs Bad. The excessively young ones if approach ** CLOSE IT CURTAIN NARRATION? Accepted Kadu the Jesus and gives up time of the crime. Bira when discovering that he was trado, goes the house of Kadu with its accomplices and scythe the life of the young. Policemen arrive and also they cut with a scythe the life of Bira. It is the end of the terrena life for the two. None of them they waited the death. They did not know, but the death surprise lode. The life is as a smoke, then if esvai. We do not accept the death because God in the facts to glorify it.