Guess everyone noticed the small practical bicycle parking systems. Practically in the handling, small in space use and well into the benefits that applies of course also on these products. Advertising display specialist dealer from Erfurt, Germany Erfurt introduces new products of WSM Walter Samuel b Metallbau GmbH from Waldbrol among other innovative kickstand for private and commercial use. WSM is one of the leading manufacturers for bicycle parking systems. WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET absorbs the entire WSM program in its portfolio. Everyone probably already noticed the small practical bicycle.

Practically in the handling, small in space use and well into the benefits that applies of course also on these products. Bicycles can be safely turned off and protected against theft. WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET has recorded a very wide and high-quality range of bicycle stands here in the offer. Whether for commercial, public or private use, our program includes the complete bandwidth for parking of bicycles. Bike racks are there in different variants for a wide variety of applications.

Bike racks and parking systems for use in the public space for commercial, industrial or public facilities: advertising bike racks wall systems Bodenparker Bogenparker Bugelparker Multiparker Standparker Wandparker bike racks and parking systems for use in the private sector for garage and basement: bike holder for wall and ceiling bicycle garage Hangeparker of Pedalparker wall bike racks and parking systems designed specifically for children’s bicycles and scooters for: children bicycle rack Rollerparker our offer bike racks are used in Commerce and industry, public institutions and authorities as well as in the private sector. The usage and the way of the bicycle rack are determined by various factors. All bike rack systems can be powdercoated in a desired colour according to the RAL table for each customer specifically. The bicycle parking systems are always stable, bicycle-friendly, space – and space-saving, can be extended by linking, elegant in design and functional in use. Benefit from bicycle stands for highest quality. Commercial bike racks – a perfect connection between bike racks and advertising space are a special highlight. The customers of the own business or your own company can be lured directly on the bicycle rack by advertising in the business. Switching the advertising message is made easy and especially inexpensively designed by interchangeable poster makers. A permanent message of your company, an offer or just a sign listed services of the business can be transferred so easily close the customers in the immediate vicinity of the own business as a bicycle rack has even the properties of pavement. WSM bicycle rack are best quality for a permanent usage, weatherproof designs, practical design and versatility. Bike racks in the program by Bike racks, visit WORLD-OF-DISPLAYS.NET. World-of-displays.NET – authorized resellers for marketing, presentation and promotional displays author: Matthias Kopp