The income will depend on the initial deposit. The essence of the work boils down to finding the so-called arbitrage situations (forks), resulting in different bookmakers on sporting events. The strategy is based on the rates is to put on all possible outcomes of the match – to find a "fork" 'Fork' is an event in which participants bet, betting on match wins in any case, regardless of the outcome of the match. Outcome of the match may be the victory of the first team or second team victory. For example, in tennis, the match could be the first participant in the victory or the victory of the second participant in football, winning the first team, a draw or victory for the second team. Since different bookmakers differently estimate the chances of winning this or that party, the odds for the same event in different Bookmakers may vary. Thus, by placing each of the outcomes of games in different bookmakers: in one office to win the first person in another office to win the second participant, in the end there is a possibility be a winner regardless of the result of a match! But there is another way – ready to use the forecast for the upcoming game from a team of experienced analysts! In this case, there is no need six months to study the emerging game, you can make a few bets a day with a good ratio, and receive a great increase in personal finsredstv. Yes, for the predictions in this case, you must pay some money to analysts, but teams are always honest attending post-pay, ie, You pay for a forecast only after receiving the prize! So you are insured against fraud, while analysts have an extra incentive for higher quality forecasting. One such teams of analysts offer their predictions on sporting events on the site. An additional aspect of their work is the issue of free forecast, in the event of failure to perform the previous (and this naturally can also be without losses impossible), so you have the ability to quickly win back the lost part of the bank. Experts are working quite well at the moment the winning percentage of predictions from them approximately 80%.