In our time gamers a great opportunity to create their own games on the game editor, which is freely available in the Rede Internet. (As opposed to A. F. Chief of Staff ). Those who already though gluttoned facing the most inconvenient time gaming titles with known scenarios and end can master the art of . Nothing complicated, as okazalos in this trade and there is not clear that they do to such giants of the game thinking that stamp the same type of game in its extensive offices. It is time for singles, crafts games makes the opportunity to realize the flight of thought, which are teeming with potential head igrodelov. The appearance of many editors games are very similar. Modern versions have all their newfangled special effects that you can see in today’s games: mirror-like surfaces, fog and fire.

However, these effects when the proper approach you as a designer can become a true work of art. Individual attention and a level editor, which greatly extend the capabilities of already finished games. For example a level editor Max Payne 2 enables create a freely movable modules, which are called modes. And the editor of the popular game Nemenov arma and arma 2 did three in the release of the game itself. Unfortunately guides are almost no game editor, but this problem safely decide on our site. Experienced igrodelov and master of his craft has decided to share their expertise with novices in this field. So if you are already ripe for its own gaming projects, visit this resource.