The branch office Mountain range where she is being carried through the research possesss 48 employees, being this picture distributed in 8 in administrative and the 40 in the operational one. The problem of the research if finds in understanding in which level of the hierarchy of the necessities if it finds the employees of the Topmix branch office Mountain range. The sector operational that he is composed for drivers of concrete trucks mixer and bomb launches and general assistant, during the year of 2009, it has presented problems of productivity and high rotation of employees due the work conditions, therefore the work environment is hot and normally it has expeditious to Saturdays. How to discover the causes and to analyze the methods used for the company to motivate these employees and to increase the efficiency and productivity? The hypotheses basic are that the environment of work of the operational sector is favorable, unhealthy, with much heat due the work to be carried through in open environment and the rhythm of work are continue and sped up. Jack Fusco follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Other factors are the relatively low wage and the escolaridade. As hypothesis it would second we would have that: The employees have not taken care of its primary necessities; General Objective does not exist instruments to stimulate 1.2.1 the secondary necessities 1.2OBJETIVOS To analyze the aspects and factors that inside affect the motivation of the employees of the organization 1.2.2 Specific objective – To identify to the theories of motivation and its importance in the organization – To identify factors that motivate and desmotivam employee in an organization – To analyze the motivation, through the application of a questionnaire, inside of the Topmix company Engineering and Technology of Concrete. 1.3JUSTIFICATIVA the choice of the subject must it the fact of if dealing with a subject where it considerably affects the development of the organization, when analyzing what it affects the motivation of the employees, we can thus have a mutual satisfaction, therefore the motivated employees will more good have quality of life in the work and the organization best profits is in the productivity as well as in its course in general. .