In the United Arab Emirates a wide selection of hotels to suit every taste. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Foods. In some of the hotels you would not be caught, you wait for the comfort, warmth, friendly atmosphere and high quality service. After all, with the development of tourist services in the country a large number of new modern hotels. First it was a simple building with no special architectural excesses. Now in terms of aesthetics, uae hotels are a great artistic value. Some even considered a monument of modernism. And the quality of service will not leave indifferent even the most demanding guest. And who is uncomfortable in a large spacious building, can rent a small villa with garden somewhere on the coast.

Hotels in uae annually pass the international certification – and claimed the number of stars exactly meets the conditions provided by the hotel. Huge selection of entertainment in the uae, hotel and restaurant service is generally one of the most upscale in the world. Many hotels in the uae have everything you need for horse riding, water sports, archery and, of course, diving. None of the hotels you will not have "Hardship transfer" – along with Arabic, the official language of the country is and English. In addition, many hotel staff speaks in Russian. Naturally, the best service await you at a higher level – but even hotels in one to two stars provide a decent quality of rest. The best hotels in the UAE: hotels, located on the coast of Dubai (Jumeirah elite), Ajman , Coral Beach in Sharjah and , Le Meridein al Aqqa in Ras al-, Fujairah.