An introduction to the topic of real estate valuation, as well as tips for a sustainable efficient marketing, is the licensee in XING groups moderated by Dr. Martin Barzel, available. Also, the story of the game with the cloud world”can provide insight into a lively and unconventional corporate governance. Marketing as main task except for the monthly invoice needs to perform any service-related services of licensed partners. The actual task is for the licensees from the develop sustainable marketing.

He has to ensure that the online real estate valuation in his town known, so that interested consumers but also tax consultants, attorneys, executors and others take the advertised services. The licensee should become an expert for online real estate reviews in his town. She proposed to Target group can be addressed for example on regionally-oriented search engine advertising, newspapers and advertisers, as well as brochure distribution and measuring spot. Customer benefits and USP the services of online real estate valuation meets due to their customer value (easy, fast and inexpensive) interested in response. Cheap for the license partners affects, that IMMOBILIENWERT24 DR.

BARZEL has a nationwide awareness and the registered trade mark method. Recommendation is conducive to the success of the licensee, that BELLEVUE – Europe’s largest real estate magazine – recommends the method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation. Also the client-friendly money back guarantee is a confidence element of real estate valuation service. The money-back guarantee shifts the risk of charges by the customer to the provider. The service method Dr. Barzel is property valuation due to the satisfaction guarantee for customers without risk. Positive reputation the proven system, as well as the positive reputation the rating service, a useful support for the opening up of the selected regions should be hardworking license partners. More information can be found at: