On the occasion of the crisis, the sale of second-hand Mercedes vehicles is rising in unstoppable form. The reason why we opted for an occasion Mercedes vehicle is, logically, the price. Vehicles suffer a heavy loss of value out of the dealership. More information is housed here: Danyelle Freeman. There are cars that can lose up to little more than 30% of the original value of sales in its first two years. An investment is pretty bad, taking into account the strong expenditure and indebtedness which often assumed the car for a family.

For who does not want to renounce the reliability and safety of a car of high range even in times of crisis, Mercedes-Benz has its occasion Star program. It is occasion Mercedes vehicles which come from employees of Daimler, demonstration or fleets of companies. Occasion Mercedes vehicles with optional equipment of high quality and few kilometers. We find the entire range of occasion Mercedes at spectacular prices: class A, class B, class C, E-class, S-class, class CL, class G, class GL, M-class and R-class. Customers who purchase occasion Mercedes vehicles benefit from additional advantages by the time Star program, moreover, occasion Mercedes vehicles have preferential conditions in financing and insurance. The occasion Star program characteristics: occasion Mercedes Benz vehicles with less than 5 years and 100,000 Kms. vehicles of occasion Mercedes reviewed under standards of Mercedes-Benz. Occasion Mercedes vehicles with 24 months warranty with European coverage.

Occasion Mercedes with certified mileage vehicles. Occasion Mercedes vehicles with assistance in road and replacement vehicle. Occasion Mercedes vehicles, with the possibility of change of vehicle in 15 days. If the purchase of a new car is complicated, even more so that of a used car. The complication of choosing the most interesting model joins the to find one that is in good condition, a task which have to resort to every sense common need and, above all, to a few good observation skills. The best and most reliable in this case is to resort to a dealer that offers a warranty, and Mercedes-Benz offers the best guarantees on the purchase of your used car Mercedes.