Definitely, no doubt, this was a new image was needed for my summer vacation. He was sick and tired of watching the Queen with the same hairstyle for as long as I can remember. Secretary of Agriculture shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Well, that was all about to change as I went on a rampage emptying every shop shelf of every glossy magazine that I could find. That night, all contracts were canceled with Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders. Sacrifice was made when he was on a mission to find the new me.

Was established for the night with each brochure and mag at my side, leafing through each page, leaving no one without moving. No doubt, he must have a style in one of them that will help me in my quest to find the new image so badly craved. A couple of hours had elapsed navigation, and low and behold, it jumped out at me as clear as the day was the hairstyle you want to die so he never saw. This was with a doubt. The style that I knew would give me a new lease on life. After a visit to the stores armed with dyes lotions, hair conditioners, scissors, etc. I ran up the stairs to the bathroom absence of any other measure. I was so excited.

Why should not I be excited? I am going to be a different person. Animosty saved from the old image in the mirror as I said my farewell Smelling a skunk peroxide was following the instructions on the box. No matter how sweet scent the air bag was that it was not powerful enough to eliminate the odor was that. Everything was worth it, I said looking down around the hundredth time in the picture in the magazine. Forty minutes was up and it was time to rinse dry and style. (Enter the blonde bombshell) staring at the picture in the magazine and back to my reflection in the mirror, I said something was wrong. Two styles couldn’t be more different. I followed the instructions asked where he could have gone wrong? I screamed. I will tell you a voice from the other side of the bathroom door. It was my husband, who upon hearing the whole fuss decided to see what was happening. I’ll tell you what is going yelled at him. Explain what I felt for myself that gave him the magazine with a picture of this look fabulous in this beautiful model. He looked for a long time in the photo and then at me. Often this motion is repeated. Darling, I will not bother you, respond, but the reason you never have to look for is because he has that face. Why not settle for what God gave him. I have made do with what God gave him for 34 years and I still like what I see. Kacy is my name and I’m about to take another path in my life, I know it will be challenging, but what the heck. Life is all about challenges.