It is vital that consumed doses of creatine are correct and that the effects of creatine are directly dependent on the increase in total intramuscular creatine, therefore it must seek strategies to expand the muscle creatine deposits as soon as possible. It’s not a matter of consuming excessive nutrients amounts because the body can not use them and excreted health care in the urine, besides being harmful doses. Excess creatine is not absorbed supplements by the body and unnecessarily burden the kidney function. wellness The traditional administration of creatine supplementation involves two phases: an initial ‘load’ (which may be around five or six days) followed by a phase of ‘maintenance’ (no more than two months), followed by a phase of ‘rest’ similar to that of maintenance. Have health been used metric dosing according to body mass, mentioned in the 0.25 g / kg / day (ie one quarter of a gram per kilogram of body weight daily) are amounts that are greater efficiency of uptake of creatine loading phase, while health in the maintenance phase should be applied to a single dose is a quarter of the employees in the load step. However, there is no pooling of data that other authors refer to 0.1 g / kg / day during the maintenance period while the load has been used at higher doses quarter gram / kg reaching 0 , 35 g / kg / day. depends on the athlete’s goal, when this wish a rapid increase in body weight is due to a load step followed by a maintenance, whereas when the object eficienccia improving metabolic is recommended to use a single dose for at least a month. When given creatine at a rate of 20 g / d for several days can be almost 30 of managed creatine is absorbed during the initial two days, but this percentage decreases to 15 from the second to fourth day. After the cessation of intake of creatine requires approximately thirty days to return back to the blood values fitness prior fitness to supplementation.
Creatine is not marketed in a pure skin care state because of the instability that offers and for this reason is usually found as a monohydrate: Creatine monohydrate (the water molecule provides stability), in powder form. There is creatine to administer intravenously, but only used in cardiac operations. However it is possible to see the market in other forms of creatine such as creatine citrate and fosfocreatina. The difference between these presentations focused on the creatine concentration in the compound since the amount of creatine that has the molecule contains 88 creatine, creatine citrate 40 and fosfocreatina 62.3 . The creatine is administered in pure form must be completely dissolved in liquids such as cardiovascular water, fruit juice or tea and something sweet is recommended for the absorption of the product, which contained glucose in sugar helps better assimilation into the muscle ( influence of insulin). It should be consumed immediately after being prepared, given its low stability in water. Intakes can be made for meals because insulin levels are at high levels and enhances the absorption of it. It is recommended to ensure a high water consumption. Oral administration of creatine dose of between 1 to 10 body g has a maximum nutrition time of 2 h to reach its highest concentration in the blood, while with higher doses over time to reach maximum peak plasma concentration becomes more for 3 hours. Some companies sell products in quantities of creatine with dextrose, as well as vitamin E and taurine to ease their absorption.
Is advisable if the load is not usually taken and then the maintenance phase for up to 3 to 4 months. Then they cut consumption and rest at least 1 months. Usually in this month and is supplemented with glutamine to regenerate the muscles or suspended and never supplementation should be stopped this year because it is the supplement of creatine accompanied by high doses of water debibo that creatine is a high receptor liquid. Creatine supplementation during 8 weeks has not been associated with health problems, but no studies of its effect on dosificiaciones conducted over long periods of time. In the maintenance phase may be suggested that creatine consumed after the physical activity.