Study English as a second language (ESL) in the United States, is an academic option backed by countless personal, academic, professional or occupational reasons. The evidence of this fact refers to more than 100. 000 students who annually migrate for the purpose of studying in United States, to learn or improve English within the intercultural immersion of the American experience and through the formal academic context following a training process in higher education, centres, academies and universities, specifically accredited agencies. At present, there are more than thousand centres of English studies that offer various courses, programmes and modalities in line with the specific needs of each student, so that the global learning be suitable with regard to interests that motivate the study of ELS. Within the context of the most significant curricular, the General English programs, the English programs for professionals and programs are distinguished from Preparation for exams of ELS. The General English programs include a number of important ways, including: programs of accent reduction, English courses for adults, English courses for children and adolescents, specific programs of American English, conversational English, culture and programs English language of America, part-time ESL courses, immersion programs in ESL, transfer student American Family programsIntensive programs of academic English, English instruction courses, intensive English programs, summer courses, intensive English, among others. The professional English programs are programs of sophisticated specification of contents and methodologies, including by the demand of professionals from around the world: Business English programs, programs of customization of ESL, English programs for executives, English programs for export and import, English programs for English programs, human resources for the petroleum industry, English programs for Economics, banking and finance, English programs for telecommunications, English programs for trade (lower sales and higher), English programs of professional specification (for advertising, architecture, aviation, engineering, law, medicine, politics, education and professional slang), English programs for the Cultural experience and professionalIntensive English for professionals, among other programs.