You have some equipment that goes to work together, you understood? This, to the times, of the problem, because one did not export right, there you have that to come back, to see where she errou. this, when you starting itself with the tool are terrible, because to times one will detail, that until the manual it jumps, already you leaves baratinado bigger madness! Then, it is the department was formed of this form, with four people and, by these four originals, them in such a way took account of the creation how much of the operation. Then, it also exists this dismemberment between creation of the virtual scene and operation of the virtual scene. The things are distinct, but, at the time, people accumulated of stocks everything. Then, thus, you created the scene, and such, I do not know what, she played for the exhibition equipment and was there controlling, looking at and such. Today this already is desmembrado. People saw that really this necessity does not exist, n? She had that to have this separation, because you are a consuming to be there looking at, she understood? you lose creation performance here.

is a vegetative, automatic thing there. You are alone raised, went up, you do not know what she has its responsibility, but you are not equal creation. In the creation you have that to think, to imagine, to calculate, to see as is that it makes, and such, I do not know what, later people she enters with the processes. But at the time people took account. Then, thus, exhibition turns! Then, it existed the most varied programs in hourly. It had a program that he was 11 of the night, a program that was to the noon. It had program that it was in the day of sunday, understood? The Ball in the Net! It is then, thus., the people that to control this everything.